"They don't make 'em like that anymore…" UPDATED

Settling in for Evening Prayer at Santa Maria in Trastevere, RomeVisiting Rome's splendid, often ancient, churches, my husband and, who attend newish, barely-decorated, kind-of-ugly churches that are heavy on the felt banners, had not realized how much we'd been missing beauty in our worship: decorative touches with meaning, a designer's thought for the physical surroundings of our mystical worship. "They don't make 'em like that anymore," was an undercurrent of our appreciation.No, they … [Read more...]

Beautiful Stained Glass

A while back I mentioned that the Poor Clare's of Perpetual Adoration, who are establishing themselves in Arizona, were showing off their stained glass designs for the planned chapel of Our Lady of Solitude Monastery, and looking for donors. At the time, I was wishing I had the sort of cash that could fund the window for Bl. Pier Georgio Frassati.On August 7th, the sisters celebrated the installation of the first complete windows. Gorgeous...but I think the St. Clare really is my very … [Read more...]

"Prosper the work of our hands…"

How dare these monks try to make a living for themselves?Margaret Cabaniss has moreVia InstapunditRelated: St. Joseph's Abbey and a lovely gallery of abbey photos … [Read more...]

A Benedictine Community Copes

Sr. Denise Mosier, OSB + 2010This is so worth reading.In the midst of life, we are in death; in the midst of death, we are in life. In the midst of a tumultuous world of noise and hyper-everything, we find stability, the very thing Benedictines vow themselves to.There is an amazing backdrop this week for the Benedictine nuns in Virginia who are reeling from a deadly drunk-driving crash: silent retreat.The community of 33 women had their annual retreat scheduled when the crash happened … [Read more...]

July 11th St. Benedict

Benedict this morningSince it is July 11th, and I am his spiritual daughter, I must present to you once more my dear St. Benedict of Nursia, and this excerpt from his Holy Rule, which contains wisdom that may be applied to the management of home, family, business. Hey, the Benedictines has rolled with it for these 1500 years; the track record is proven:From the Rule of St. Benedict, abbot, thoughts on the proper mindset with which to begin an undertaking (which we have previously explored … [Read more...]

Get the Lead Out!

Abbey of St. WalburgaMother Maria-Michael Newe, OSB, in a conference to the nuns at St. Walburga's Abbey, Colorado, gives a very tough message in the gentlest of voices:What makes things unstable? When things rock they are unstable. When you back and forth constantly you become unstable. When you have to vacillate too much between the world and the Christian life you’re unstable. Where is your allegiance? Where are you truly sealed? Who is the image within you?I think what has happened in t … [Read more...]

June 1st Resolution; ora AT labora – UPDATED

The motto of the Benedictines is ora et labora; pray and work.In his Holy Rule, our Father Benedict writes that prayer should preface all activity throughout the day, so that a meeting should not take place, a meal should not be eaten, a guest should not be greeted or a specific labor should not be performed, until one has taken a moment to place oneself in the presence of God, and ask his blessing, and for the strength to do his will.A monk may spend several hours in prayer, in choir, then … [Read more...]

"What does the heart long for?"

These Benedictine Nuns of the Abbaye Notre-Dame de l'Annonciation in Barroux, are so lovely to look at and listen to that I had to share the video with you.The community of Benedictine nuns of Our Lady of the Annunciation is born 1979. Four young girls were gathered around Mother Elizabeth and, following Dom Gérard, wanted to also "experience the Churches tradition." After moving to different locations, they can turn to find common ground near the town of Le Barroux in 1983. Today, the … [Read more...]

NunStuff Palate Clearer – UPDATED

The abundance of news stories (both covered and not-covered) and Pope Benedict's trip to Malta, have gotten me all distracted. I mean to post something later that picks up where we left off on the Pope's impromptu sermon of last week, but in order to clear the head let us visit with some of our nun-pals and see what they're up to![Cue news ticker] ...beep-beep-beep-beep-beep... (am I dating myself with that reference?)...wait, let me get out my banner, designed by Brian J:Nun News Network … [Read more...]

No Greater Love – UPDATED

A few years ago the documentary film Into Great Silence, which chronicled the lives of the Carthusian Monks of the Grande Chartreuse, mesmerized audiences with its rhythm of prayer and silence. In a world increasingly noise and instrumentation-laden, the silence spoke volumes to audiences.which follows the lives of Carmelite nuns in England, seems to be equally as engaging, if this review is any indication.As No Greater Love begins we are led into the Carmelite Monastery of the Most Holy … [Read more...]