'In the midst of life, we are in death…"

And in the midst of death, we are in life.Over at Summit, NJ, the Dominican Nuns of Our Lady of the Rosary Monastery are in life and death, all the time. You can't spend your days processing in and out of choir seven times a day to join the Angels in adoration and praise, without getting a seriously wholistic view of it all. But this week, especially, we see the literal life-in-death paradox (which, really, is true in all our lives) at work.This past weekend saw the nuns celebrating the … [Read more...]

More Benedictines

Abbey of St. WalburgaOver at St. Walburga's Abbey, in Virginia Dale, Colorado, they are celebrating the entrance of another young woman into their novitiate, where she was clothed in the Benedictine Habit. They have some great pictures of their joyful new novice, Sr. Kathryn. Nuns in this community take their new names-in-religion upon first vows.I am struck, though, by the wonderful talk given pre-clothing by the Abbess, Mother Maria-Michael, who said:A vocation isn’t something we d … [Read more...]

Young Women of Good Intention

I'm going to ask a favor of my readers who pray, to keep the intentions of a few young women in their prayers, particularly for the next week.First up, Elder Son's Sweet Girlfriend. This kid has been going to grad school full time (and earning all-A's) while working full time, and managing to pull it all off as she commutes between two states. Last semester was an absolute killer, but she never gave up. Now, it looks like she may have an opportunity to snag a much-desired assistant's job on … [Read more...]

Saints, Sleds and Snowballs

Moniales, the blogsite for the Dominican Nuns of Summit, New Jersey (affectionately known around here as the Sisters of Our Lady of the Incredible Soaps and Hand Creme) is a favorite stop of mine. There are many great blogs run by Catholic priests and by religious, both male and female, but the blogmistress at Moniales manages to give a comprehensive sense of what monastic life is like in the 21st century -the juxtaposition of the modern with the ancient, and how they manage to fit- and to also … [Read more...]

Dec 18 – O Adonai

SourceOnce again, our friends the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist provide a lovely background to today's glorious antiphon:The title "Adonai," was originally used by the Israelites instead of pronouncing the name of God as revealed to Moses at the burning bush. Not only did God tell Moses His name, but He also gave him the Law, which paradoxically sets us free. Although our culture tells us that freedom is for doing whatever we like, our faith tells us that we have been … [Read more...]

Sr. Mary Magdalene!

On this wonderful solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, our friends the Dominican Nuns of Summit, NJ have clothed a new novice in the habit, and in religion her name will be:Sr. Mary Magdalene of the Immaculate ConceptionThe pictures are lovely (the new sister is glowing and the whole community seems joyfilled), and the comments section is informative.In her first monastic Advent and Christmas season, the former Sr. Carri takes the names of the two women who remained with Christ in his … [Read more...]

Sorry I drank your present

So, two weeks ago I ordered various coffees, mugs and sundry from The Mystic Monks Coffee site.And it all smelled so good . . . and my personal supplies were running a tad low...So today I had to tell Buster that I had already enjoyed the brew he'd asked me to pick up for one of his professors.This is the risk one runs when one shops early.But I will order more for him.I had also bought a really cute pair of earrings for someone from Amazon. This weekend it was all I could do not to … [Read more...]

More Miserable Nuns…

Couple weeks ago we saw some very happy nuns who were belying Bitter Maureen Dowd's assertions.Seems there are other nuns who are happy - nay, joyful; in fact, they seem to be coming out of the woodwork. Check out these Franciscan nuns in Spain:A 43 year-old prioresses has revolutionized an old Poor Clares convent in Spain, turning it onto a magnet for dozens of young professional women. . . .Sr. Veronica joined the convent which had not seen a new vocation in nearly 23 years. . . . The … [Read more...]

Jingle Bell Java is Back! – UPDATE

What is Jingle Bell Java?It might be the most delicious coffee ever invented. Evah! And -in keeping with the history of monk-y inventiveness- it was created by monks, but let's let them describe it:Jingle Bell Java is arguably our best flavor and is always popular around the Christmas hearth. Unique spices with white chocolate and bourbon make up this delicious treat. A perfect coffee for every occasion. Perfect for the Joyful Christmas Season. Please note: This coffee is only available … [Read more...]

A beautiful photo link!

Our Passionist friends at St. Joseph's Monastery in Kentucky invite us to make a retreat with them.I would love to be there right, when their lovely grounds are in splendid autumn, offering hope in the vivid colors that accompany approaching silence; promise of renewal.But, since I am nowhere near Kentucky (and like a bad wine, I do not travel well) I will content myself, for now, with enjoying the lovely photos which the sisters have posted on their blog.Maybe we should take up a … [Read more...]