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ethiopian coffee ceremony

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Photocredit: Clive Chilvers / Courtesy of Shutterstock.comI know you love coffee. You know I love coffee -- I certainly write about it often enough!The Ethiopian people love coffee too, and not just because it factors hugely in their economy, as Peter Lemieux writes in this interesting piece:For centuries, Ethiopians have cultivated coffee and, with it, a coffee culture.According to tradition, an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi from the province of … [Read more...]

A Travel Mug Coffee Press!


When I announced the good news the other day -- no, not that Good News, but the other good news that assists in our salvation, the re-emergence of Jingle Bell Java into our universe -- someone noticed that I neglected to include my usual rave for Mystic Monk Hazelnut Coffee. They wondered if I'd soured on it.Good heavens, no! The Hazelnut (and the Rum Pecan) are late-night decaf staples around here -- great relaxants at the end of a long day! It's all good stuff.But during the day -- … [Read more...]

Jingle Bell Java! It’s here!


I just went over to the Mystic Monk site to place an order for my Hermit's Bold Blend and I saw it: it's here!Jingle Bell Java is here!It's the most wonderful time of the year! Time for a coffee taste, like none other!My mood just brightened, considerably!Related: My Soul for a Cup of Coffee … [Read more...]

New Drinks from the Mystic Monks! – UPDATE

Regular readers may recall that I have have ardently sung the praises of Mystic Monk Coffee for ever and ever -- or at least since the boys opened shop. The Carmelite Monks, based in Wyoming, are hoping to soon begin breaking ground for the building of one awesome monastery and church, and it's mostly being build on the basis of their incredible coffee. My day isn't right unless I've had a couple cups of Hermits Bold Blend in the morning or the Hazelnut or Royal Rum Pecan (or Espresso) after … [Read more...]

Its Jingle Bell Java Time!

It's the most wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeear!That would be the time of the year when the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming bring out their twice-yearly limited special-blend Jingle Bell Java, and children dance in joy as their harried parents settle down for a cup of this so-incredibly-delicious-God-had-to-have-inspired-it blend and all becomes right with the world.No kidding. This is the stuff. With its notes of white chocolate and bourbon, Jingle Bell Java has come to be the Christmas … [Read more...]

My Soul for a Cup of Coffee – UPDATED

After four days in the house, sleeping nearly continuously thanks to my oxygen-deprived and bleary state, I desperately needed to get out of the house today, and also I needed to buy a card/gift for the Mother-in-Law (who deserves much more than either card or gift), so I ventured out and basically drove a circuit: card shop, gas station (back tire needed air), post-office, church (getting on to the Vespers hour, so why not) and then - feeling totally beat - a reward of coffee to get me home. … [Read more...]