PEEK-A-BOO! God and the Bornean Rainbow Toad

Bornean Rain Toad

Wrap your mind around this (can you see it?). It’s a Bornean Rainbow Toad.God, in His infinite wisdom and creativity, designed a panoply of creatures so diverse, so fantastic, so colorful, so… well, so HUNGRY.And because no one—not even a lowly amphibian—likes to be someone else’s lunch, God thought up a bunch of cool ways to hide. It’s called “cryptic camouflage” and it allows a toad or a moth or a caterpillar to blend into the environment so well that a hawk or a sand crane is unlike … [Read more...]

The Canopy and the Cosmos: What Kilmer Knew, What Sagan Never Dreamed

Tree - view from below

So away we drove, armored with a GPS and comfy shoes, on the Great American Road Trip.  We set off, sans itinerary, to visit relatives in Ohio, our son in South Carolina, and then….???These past ten years, I have been a frequent flyer—jetting here and there, facing jet lag but not road fatigue, frequenting airport terminals instead of gas stations. This time, though, we would be roaming along the highway, getting up close and personal with forests and fields, traffic circles and freeway over … [Read more...]