Behold! We have always been "radical" -updated!

I very much like this piece by Pat Gohn:"Behold!" is one of my favorite words from the Bible. The wordsmith in me adores words that tickle my ears, words that are uncommon yet descriptive. Behold sounds somewhat archaic yet it still shows up in modern usage. Behold makes me perk up and pay attention. Simply defined, behold means to see, to gaze upon, to observe, to have vision.Whenever I find it in the New Testament, I always watch what happens next. Behold is like the sound of the drum roll … [Read more...]

Ex-Communicating Oneself for Sins of Others

[Expanding on my thoughts begun here...]:Surrendering the consolations of the Eucharist, (and access to the sacraments, to the fellowship and to the senses-enlivening liturgy) because of the failings of mortal, passing men, this seems like a heavy burden to afflict upon oneself. Baggott seems to be doing the penance best done by those who need to do it. I wish and pray that she does not encourage her mother in this same outsized penance, as it seems so heavy and counterproductive. The good … [Read more...]

Anchoress on Lady Gaga…on NPR!

It's not a broadcast piece, but after reader Dick T sent me this video of Lady Gaga at last night's Grammy Awards, NPR invited me to submit my thoughts on it, which they have published here. Check it out. Leave a comment, over there, if you like! Hit "recommend!" I feel like spreading myself around, today, like candy!Here is the video in question, btw: … [Read more...]

Anchoress and Benedict on NPR

If any of you happen to be near a radio at about 6:55 ET, turn to NPR and you'll hear me, gassing away, (along with Fr. James Martin, among others) about the pope's new blog. Specifically, I give him a bit of joking "advice," such as: "try to get linked by Instapundit! Gets you more exposure, then you can charge more for blogads!" And, "...if I link to him, he's got to link back to me!"Fr. Martin emails that in the transcripts I got the pull-quote!"He should have some favorite YouTube … [Read more...]