Snowed In Lookarounds

A lazy morning with snow everywhere. This is not my picture; I don't remember where I found it, but I love it.Might as well lookaround and see what's new!I'm still staying off politics until after Christmas, but obviously Nelson caving on the health care bill no one is allowed to see is a big story. Obama promised to "remake" America. Apparently he's remaking it into something other than a representative democracy.Hey, the Democrats completely own this baby, now, and this will be too. … [Read more...]

Sr. Mary Magdalene!

On this wonderful solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, our friends the Dominican Nuns of Summit, NJ have clothed a new novice in the habit, and in religion her name will be:Sr. Mary Magdalene of the Immaculate ConceptionThe pictures are lovely (the new sister is glowing and the whole community seems joyfilled), and the comments section is informative.In her first monastic Advent and Christmas season, the former Sr. Carri takes the names of the two women who remained with Christ in his … [Read more...]

Good Morning Turn Up the Speakers

I don't know what this organ piece is, but it's joyful, exuberant and energy-pumping.Rise and shine, and get jiggy with the habits in Rome! … [Read more...]

Nun Cheese & other Happy Monastics with great products

I have written frequently about the great consumables and products offered by various monastic communities. This year, happily, there seem to be a number of news outlets taking the time to visit with communities to get the low-down on their wares, and in the process, we learn about more great monastery items, and (happily for us) just in time for Christmas shopping!Here, for instance we find some discussion of the monastic life of prayer, combined with the news that the Trappistine Nuns at … [Read more...]

More Miserable Nuns…

Couple weeks ago we saw some very happy nuns who were belying Bitter Maureen Dowd's assertions.Seems there are other nuns who are happy - nay, joyful; in fact, they seem to be coming out of the woodwork. Check out these Franciscan nuns in Spain:A 43 year-old prioresses has revolutionized an old Poor Clares convent in Spain, turning it onto a magnet for dozens of young professional women. . . .Sr. Veronica joined the convent which had not seen a new vocation in nearly 23 years. . . . The … [Read more...]

Dowd: Which are miserable nuns? – UPDATED

Dominican Nuns having funSo many people have written so well about Maureen Dowd's recent display of sublime ignorance on the subject of nuns and the oppressive, patriarchal church that has oppressed them and kept them down encouraged them to do and be and lead, teach, advise and build for lo these 2000 years that I really did not feel a need to comment.After all, Archbishop Timothy Dolan said it so well, in a letter to the NY Times, which they naturally declined to print, as he called Dowd … [Read more...]

"Why does 'green' have to look so Commie?"

Got that question in an email today along with this link to a story and video showcasing the move by the Benedictine Nuns of Stanbrook Abbey (a venerable, beautiful and historical monastery) to their new digs:The community is used to upheaval, having moved five times in its 385-year history, including an 18-month stretch behind bars during the French revolution. The latest move was prompted by a need to down-size.An overall decline in Catholic vocations has left the community with 22 … [Read more...]

Norbertine Christmas Wreaths

Ah, we're coming up on that time of the year again, when I start hawking the wares and various gift ideas and products offered by religious and charitable organizations. (Full disclosure: these Norbertine Sisters of Tehachapi, CA don't know me from Adam, and this post generates no monetary kickbacks or material compensation of any kind, to me. )How boring that thanks to this incredibly intrusive government, I'm going to have to keep writing'll note the Dominican Nuns at … [Read more...]

Little Sisters of Poor, seeking alms

Sr. Maria Lourdes, L.S.P. makes her First Profession of VowsSome of you may remember Sr. Maria Lourdes from her appearance on In the Arena a few months back. Making the acquaintance of Sr. Lourdes, Sr. Camille and Sr. Mary Richard was a memorable day; all three women were lit with uncommon joy and were so lovely to talk to. Sr. Lourdes stayed in my awareness (and my prayers) because she was so serenely composed, even when discussing her excitement that "if it pleases God," she would soon be … [Read more...]

A Hermitess is Consecrated

This is a cool story:For more than four years, Kathryn Bloomquist has prepared to formalize a life of solitude and prayer. Late last month, she made the final step and was consecrated as a hermitess before Bishop Paul Coakley and a few witnesses.Now, as Sister Kathryn Ann of the Holy Angels, she will spend her days mostly in solitude, "lived to the praise of God and the salvation of the world," she explains.It is a path she has walked for much of her life. She moved to Kansas from … [Read more...]