Create a Retreat for Yourself

When the heart aches for beauty, and the spirit wants something that reminds us of the benefits of the free-fall, of just going for broke in pursuit of the things you know you need to survive -love, a companion you can trust, a safe place, a hobby, a chance to sink into all that is natural, and good, and the opportunity to grab someone back from the brink, or be grabbed yourself- then there is no better film to watch than Mike Newell's gorgeous 1992 film, Enchanted April."You shouldn't be too … [Read more...]

Heading out on a retreat!

Given all the stresses of the last few weeks my DH surprised me with a last-minute retreat. I am actually reluctant to go - I feel like there is so much stressful stuff happening here at home that I must 'be' here - but I think that's why he wants me to go: to make me realize I can't control much, and that detachment is a good thing!Anyway, he's a dear, and since he's insisting, I'm going to go. So, no blogging until Sunday night, but don't let that stop you from Christmas Shopping! The … [Read more...]

Shiney Eyes and Possibilities

Via our friend, Pianogirl...Don't dismiss this out of hand - just go watch it.I know, I know, some of you say music is nothing to you...but - watch it - this isn't really about music.It's about hoisting one buttock into the air, and conflict resolution, your children's shining eyes and surviving Auschwitz, and it is remarkable. Go to, then click on Music & Passion with Benjamin Zander. (Or watch the embed, thanks to Pianogirl!)You'll like. Trust me.Also, … [Read more...]

Welcome to Retreat!

:NOTE::::Check this post (below photo) for links to latest retreat posts::::END:Welcome to our first Online Retreat!Each day of the retreat (from now until sundown, August 16) will be found on its own page, and this notice will remain at the top of the "blog proper" until the retreat ends. In the interest of promoting interior silence, comments will be turned off.RETREAT START, beginning at Sundown, August 10, may be found here. -- First meditation (Sunday Night) is here.MONDAY … [Read more...]

Sorry so quiet

Hey, the virus I seemed to pick up on our short vaca, and which has been dropping all of us in turn, has proved itself a clinging little monster, so it's quiet around here. Sorry about that. The good news is that - while I have not been able to record the audios I'd planned on (tomorrow is another day to try) the Online Retreat that I wrote about here will be going on as scheduled.Elder Son, photo by PopPopFrom sundown to sundown, August 10 through August 16, this site will be hosting an … [Read more...]