Hillary’s Press-Protection Pass Slowly Being Revoked

Image Public Domain via Voice of America and Wikimedia Commons

Pondering, in my last post, issues of silencing, and protective passes, I must admit is interesting -- actually fascinating and disturbing -- to watch the press as it starts signaling to the Silent Hillary Clinton that her protective pass is being revoked, and slowly pulled from her hands.The press is finally beginning to publish stories it has loyally kept aside until now, and the headlines are terrible for Hillary, for Bill, and even for the unliked Chelsea, whose boring mediocrity the … [Read more...]

So, Hillary votes “no” on Faith in Public Square, then?

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So, it wasn't long ago -- April 13, actually -- that I watched the usual "Hillary is very religious" narrative begin again and asked whether that meant the churches had an ally in Hillary, against those voices who demand that faith be relegated to pews and homes, and put out of the public square:Since Mrs. Clinton is now “officially running” for president, and the press is making a quick note of how important both her faith and its applications for social justice are to her, I expect to hea … [Read more...]

Hillary on Top: Teetering, and not Due to Sexism

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Once you’ve reached a pinnacle, you can’t keep whining that you’re only teetering because you’re a woman. You’re teetering because the pinnacle is slim, sharp and lonely, and you can only remain there if you belong there, or if you have one hell of a safety belt supporting you. Those that belong there make the pinnacle look easy, the rest impale themselves or fall. Or they loll about in the safety belt, and stagnate.I wrote that a long time ago, back when Katie Couric was complaining that her … [Read more...]

Will Bible-Carrying Hillary Address Churches & Public Square?

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As soon as Hillary Clinton enters into a serious campaign mode -- and this has been true for her husband's campaigns as well as her own -- the citizenry becomes informed that Mrs. Clinton is a "staunch Methodist" and bible-believing Christian. It is always one of the very first cards she plays in her attempts to "connect" with the rubes and yahoos yearning masses whose causes she wants to champion, and whose votes usually factor in religion. I recall reading, during Bill Clinton's campaigns, … [Read more...]

This is how Hillary should always dress

NaSon Nguyen/AFP/GettyImages

Reading up in anticipation of Hillary Clinton's scheduled press conference (which has not happened, as I write this) I must say I really, really love the way she looks here, in this pant-suit, which I am cribbing from this headline:That looks terrific. Black is always a great color on her; she is not buttoned up to the chin; the necklace sits beautifully; the 3/4 sleeves give her a relaxed and softened look. The white contrasts in buttons, shell and pocketpiece are terrific. That's a … [Read more...]

MSM Warned: Be Nice or Hillary Won’t Give Us Her Presidency!

Hillary Clinton by Sebastian Zwez wikimediacommons

Via Sissy Willis, who writes: "Anita Kuntz's 1993 NYT Sunday Mag illustration of "Saint Hillary" graced what Peggy Noonan later called "the first and still definitive Hillary Clinton take-down." Update: Airbrushed from the New York Times online during the 2007-08 primary, ["Saint Hillary"] has apparently been restored": Read "Saint Hillary", by the late Michael Kelly, here.[/caption]I know, I know, I said I would write no more on politics, except where it affects the church, but this isn't … [Read more...]

Hillary, Stop Being Coy! Fight Sexism; It’s YOUR TIME!

While traveling yesterday I had a chance to catch up on my reading and discovered that Hillary Clinton is "thinking about" running for President.We love her when she is coy, don't we? I can't wait to see her new presidential posters. Remember this one, from 2008?2008 was a big year for Democrat candidates drawn with just a hint of totalitarian flavor. Hillary's rising sun was reminiscent of Chairman Mao, Obama's posters often ran more toward soviet propaganda.That was then, and … [Read more...]

Hey, whatever happened to Hillary, anyway? -UPDATED

“I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic, and we should stand up and say, ‘WE ARE AMERICANS AND WE HAVE A RIGHT TO DEBATE AND DISAGREE WITH ANY ADMINISTRATION!’”Do you think we could get Hillary to re-record that, and just change the words "not patriotic" to "a racist"?Meanwhile, here is Rep. Maxine Waters, who earlier this year got herself all worked up about the evil people with access to private jets, … [Read more...]

The Humbling: “The ONE” goes to Don Clinton

So, it appears that "The One" is going begging to Don Clinton, hat in hand:The One strides in confidently and extends his hand to The Don. The Don looks up, contemplates the proffered hand, and watches The One's smile fade as it is not shaken. The One retracts his hand, and tilts his head, comprehending, but not liking it. Still, he needs this meeting.Don Clinton nods slightly, and with a silky hand motions The One to take a seat. Don Clinton's blue eyes are grave, but there is a … [Read more...]

Obama, the Trophy Wife?

The anger of Ms. Christian and her Democrat sisters has perhaps less to do with the fact that Barack Obama is an “inadequate black male” than that he is the trophy wife for whom Mrs. Clinton — and by extension, her graying, menopausal supporters — has been thrown over.A trophy wife, of course, is the younger, less shopworn, unlined, doe-eyed, and sometimes opportunistic woman some middle-aged men marry upon achieving the measure of worldly success that puts them in more “elite” company. Mixin … [Read more...]