Mrs. Clinton, mind your grammar!

James Taranto, in todays Best of the Web, tells us that Hillary Clinton is not too keen on getting tough with Iran over nuclear or humanitarian concerns, but she'll give 'em the back of her mighty hand if they mess with the oil!What if we told you one of the presidential candidates accepted the last rationale--blood for oil!--but rejected arguments for war based on concerns about human rights or nuclear proliferation? Based on the media stereotypes, you'd probably think Dick Cheney had thrown … [Read more...]

Clintons and “thugs” not good for a campaign

A while back I wrote a piece entitled Clinton Global Initiative's Thuggish Member, about a FOB/FOH who had - to my way of thinking - crossed a line from advocacy, to thuggish zealotry:“It is my intention to destroy your career as a liar,” Mr. Eckhart wrote. “If you produce one more editorial against climate change, I will launch a campaign against your professional integrity. I will call you a liar and charlatan to the Harvard community of which you and I are members. I will call you out as a m … [Read more...]

Wow, that Hsu/Clinton rabbit hole is deep!

Suitably flip digs and digs...and it's pretty amazing what he finds.Remember when the press' "word of the month" to describe President Bush was "incurious?" - don't they seem terribly, terribly "incurious" about all of this? Shouldn't journalists be doing this sort of research and work?I like this part best, but you'll want to read the whole thing:2) Hochberg's political benefaction predates Hsu's by several years. While Hsu didn't get his start until 2003 and didn't really hit his … [Read more...]

Hsu, Ickes, Clinton – a bad sequel gets worse

Yes, I KNEW I'd seen this damn movie before! Instapundit links to this article, and writes:SHE HSU'D HAVE KNOWN BETTER": "Hillary Clinton claims ignorance over Norman Hsu's dirty money. But she was right in the middle of a nearly identical fundraising scandal a decade ago. In fact, she was briefed about the prior scandal by an aide who's advising her today."From the editorial:Rewind to 1996, when Hillary headed her husband's legal defense fund during his re-election bid.On April 4 of … [Read more...]

Hillary missed “Mister Soldier” moment

I was struck to read this piece from Richard Cohen, a good writer who is by no means a "wingnut conservative," passionately taking on the ad from last week. The ad managed to smear Gen. David Petraeus, show us what a few presidential candidates are made of, and apparently give America its first hard look at an organization which pours enormous money into Democrat coffers, and for that reason nearly owns leading Democrats.Cohen writes and leaves a mark:If there is a phrase more … [Read more...]

Blegging: an old Michael Kelly piece, Saint Hillary – UPDATES!

I'm looking for a piece the late - and much missed - Michael Kelly wrote for the New York Times Sunday Magazine May 23, 1993. It was entitled Saint Hillary, and was apparently much-remarked about, much written-about in its day. Can't seem to come up with it on the search engines and it is not in Nexis-Lexis. While letters to the paper about the article may be found, it doesn't seem to be in the NY Times archives, which is curious to me, given that it is a feature on the American First Lady, … [Read more...]

Clinton-Hsu; I’ve already seen this movie – UPDATED

Driving today I heard a report on NPR that Norman Hsu was also a substantial donor to the Clinton Global Initiative. Yes, I was surprised to hear about it on NPR, too.Hsu also gave a hefty donation to the Clinton School of Public Service, which they are returning. But my! Hsu certainly spread it around all the little avenues of Clintonville very quickly - and thoroughly.From Instapundit:HSU LOVES YOU, BABY?When Bill Clinton received an award at a gala dinner honoring the late … [Read more...]

The application of blogger heat

Quick congrats to Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee who applied the first heat to the progressively overt-in-its bias-NY Times regarding its heavy discount to after turning down other advocacy group ads. Well done, Bob. Somehow it does seem unlikely that the Times would do something similar for something like this. And it's tiring to say "imagine if GOP advocates had pulled this. Yawn.This is pretty clever, though.Investor's Business Daily calls it subsidizing sedition. I don't … [Read more...]

Dog days of August – UPDATED

I've gotten a few emails from folks concerned that I've been laid up with another ailment. Sorry I've been so quiet or raised concern. I'm's just been very busy. (And of course really backed up on email, again).So, we left Buster at dorm on Friday night, came home Saturday. I gave myself Sat/Sun/Monday to cry, be depressed and eat chocolate (I can't seem to get enough...I feel too young to be at this "next" stage - the empty nester - of my life) and yesterday it was errand-running … [Read more...]

Is Socialism incompatible with Religion, Monasticism?

A while back I wrote:The thing is, communism works in very small enclaves, in monasteries, for example, where everyone involved is entering willingly, is voluntarily looking to be denuded, is eager to “give stuff up” in an effort to attain something quite different from worldy “stuff.” Communism does not work, though, in a large-scale national situation whereby people are expected to sublimate themselves, their instincts and their ambitions for the good of the party. Socialism does not work. … [Read more...]