Jeremiah Wright, Steinem & Primacy of Victimhood

Okay, got lots of emails from folks decrying the "racism of Barack Obama's pastor," Jeremiah Wright, in this video.I watched the video twice, and I don't know if I'm seeing racism. I think I'm seeing anger, some of it reality-based and quite justified, some of it politically expedient for emotional manipulation, and some of it just strange."Jesus was a poor black man who lived in a country and in a culture that was controlled by rich white people [Romans rich and Italian, therefore … [Read more...]

Michelle Obama is just Hillary redux

Had an interesting exchange with someone in the press today, who noted that the big kahuna of the big-time-journalism outfit which signs the paycheck is fervently pro-Hillary, and seeks "to use Michelle Obama's first time I've been proud of my country' gaffe as a stick to beat Obama with.Thus, you see, helping Hillary with her difficult February.The irony here, of course, is that Michelle Obama is the circa-'92-Hillary of this election; she is the smart, tough, ivy-league-educated, loose … [Read more...]

Obama rising, Hillary sliding

Clearly, Barack Obama has not yet peaked. He just resoundingly won Maine, and he even beat the Clintons out for a Grammy! Hey, the dude does have a great voice.It is both inspiring and a little nerve-wracking to read that he, without planning or security, gave an impromptu rally outside a Maine meeting hall, when it was too full to admit everyone: We waited in the longest line I had ever seen in my life for almost two hours...we were only a few hundred feet from the auditorium when we were … [Read more...]

A thought before Super Tuesday: UPDATED

:::SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE:::SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE:::Exit polls in South Carolina indicate that Bill Clinton's hijinks and race-baiting hurt Hillary more than helped her.So, what is next, for Clinton?I jokingly said to a friend last night that Clinton's racial remarks are becoming so bold that I fear he will next show up in a white suit, carrying a mint julep and drawling something about "uppity" classes.But of course, that was not serious. And it might have been a little … [Read more...]

Hillary disenfranchising? Press does not care.

In Michigan yesterday, Hillary "won" by having her opponents basically thrown off the ballot (a move Barack Obama - it must be said - had used to his advantage earlier in his career).Seems to me Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama are "of a piece" in their willingness to do anything, no matter how underhanded, to get what they want. It would not surprise me at all to see a Hillary/Obama ticket being talked up down the road, and my that would be interesting to watch. Can you imagine these two … [Read more...]

Shameless Hill Shill on NBC

Lucianne highlights this video at her home page, and I think it's a pretty interesting one, for several reasons, first because the woman sitting next to Matt Lauer (I don't watch the show - who is that?) is all but wearing a "Vote for Hillary" button on her breast - there is a most unseemly gushing going on there that sets off all my antennae and makes me want to buy a pair of waders.The video is interesting, secondly, because at almost the same time Eric at Classical Values is noting … [Read more...]

Triangulating Blitzer: “Don’t pick on Hillary!

The press has spent years handling Hillary Clinton with kid gloves, and in doing so, they've created a bit of a media monster.Writing in The New Republic Michael Crowley relates that Mrs. Clinton has treated the press badly since the early 1990's (although Crowley does blame George W. Bush for that. Really.)"When there's a story they don't like, they seize on it and turn it back on the reporter, and make it about the reporter." (As First Lady, Hillary called for a public "frontal … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton sings Mama Rose!

Hillary Clinton (by Brett Weinstein) via WikimediaCommons

I love this picture of Hillary Clinton.The first is because she looks fantastic. She looks like an attractive, smart middle-aged woman, and that open palm is re-assuring. No men are going to beat up on Hillary, that's for sure! She's honest, but good for a smack!But the other reason I love the picture is because with the lighting, that black background, she looks like she's playing Rose Hovick and a Vegas production of Gypsy, and she's doing her big number, "Rose's Turn", belting it … [Read more...]

Mean reporters dared ask Poor Hillary real questions! – UPDATED

I wasn't going to "pile on" Poor Hillary Clinton about her crash-and-burn in the last Democrat debate. Everyone else was writing about it - which is what happens, when a candidate gives himself or herself away - so I didn't feel the need. I simply amused myself watching the video of her head bobbing, bobbing, bobbing in agreement with Tim Russert...until it stopped.But it seems Poor Hillary is feeling "piled on" by those mean boys. The boy reporters who dared to ask her actual, … [Read more...]

Hillary missed “Mister Soldier” moment

I was struck to read this piece from Richard Cohen, a good writer who is by no means a "wingnut conservative," passionately taking on the ad from last week. The ad managed to smear Gen. David Petraeus, show us what a few presidential candidates are made of, and apparently give America its first hard look at an organization which pours enormous money into Democrat coffers, and for that reason nearly owns leading Democrats.Cohen writes and leaves a mark: If there is a phrase more … [Read more...]