Clinton-Hsu; I’ve already seen this movie – UPDATED

Driving today I heard a report on NPR that Norman Hsu was also a substantial donor to the Clinton Global Initiative. Yes, I was surprised to hear about it on NPR, too.Hsu also gave a hefty donation to the Clinton School of Public Service, which they are returning. But my! Hsu certainly spread it around all the little avenues of Clintonville very quickly - and thoroughly.From Instapundit: HSU LOVES YOU, BABY?When Bill Clinton received an award at a gala dinner honoring the late … [Read more...]

Dog days of August – UPDATED

I've gotten a few emails from folks concerned that I've been laid up with another ailment. Sorry I've been so quiet or raised concern. I'm's just been very busy. (And of course really backed up on email, again).So, we left Buster at dorm on Friday night, came home Saturday. I gave myself Sat/Sun/Monday to cry, be depressed and eat chocolate (I can't seem to get enough...I feel too young to be at this "next" stage - the empty nester - of my life) and yesterday it was errand-running … [Read more...]

Is Socialism incompatible with Religion, Monasticism?

A while back I wrote:The thing is, communism works in very small enclaves, in monasteries, for example, where everyone involved is entering willingly, is voluntarily looking to be denuded, is eager to “give stuff up” in an effort to attain something quite different from worldy “stuff.” Communism does not work, though, in a large-scale national situation whereby people are expected to sublimate themselves, their instincts and their ambitions for the good of the party. Socialism does not wor … [Read more...]

Hillary’s right; we ARE all in this together…

Hillary Clinton says she doesn't like all of this individualism stuff - the rugged individuality which is the very definition of America does not appeal to her very much. She prefers the socialist collective. Resistance is futile. "I prefer a 'we're all in it together' society," she said. "I believe our government can once again work for all Americans. It can promote the great American tradition of opportunity for all and special privileges for none." [...] That means pairing growth with … [Read more...]

Hillary, Obama and the nat’l psyche – UPDATED

I meant to link yesterday to an interesting piece by Dick Meyer over at CBS News, in which he muses on the emotional projections of the voters and wonders what it can mean for the Democrats. As ever, with Meyer, his stuff gets you thinking.I sense most voters who don't have books by Herbert Marcuse, Michael Moore and Al Franken on their shelves feel profoundly conflicted about choosing either Hillary or Barack to be president. [...] Sen. Clinton's psychological quest is just too obvious and … [Read more...]

Anti-Clintites: The Weirdest Headline of the Day

From the NY Times, of course: Anti-Clinton Donor Reported as Donor to Giuliani.Not just a donor to Giuliani but - gasp - an anti-Clinton donor!The writer, the ever-obsequious Raymond Hernandez has had his head remarkably far up Mrs. Clinton’s backside for years. But this headline, and the story, just cracked me up.Have you ever read George Soros described as an “anti-Bush donor?” Nah. He was simply a donor! A concerned guy with money! And if he compared Bush to Hitler and stuff - well … [Read more...]

Fearmongering Hillary jumps to Jihad

I think it was a few weeks ago that some on the left were trying to start up a meme that the GOP stays in power by "playing on our fears."Now, Hillary seems to be doing the same - about school vouchers, no less:Clinton, a longtime voucher foe who earned the backing of the city teachers union in 2000, says government financing of sectarian groups would incite ethnic and religious conflict - and encourage fringe groups to demand government cash to run their schools.[...]“First f … [Read more...]

Holding Hands and Hauling Out Chelsea…

Clearly the Clintons are in full campaign mode once again. What other politicians would drag their 23+ daughter away from her job and boyfriend to take her on the "important" photo-ops. Poor girl has her own life...except during a campaign, when the hand-holding and "family unity" shots are required.The Clintons, who live in Chappaqua, N.Y., had interrupted a visit to Israel to make a brief trip to Jordan at the invitation of King Abdullah II.Stepping over broken glass, silver knives and … [Read more...]

Geena Davis and Iconic women

So, everyone is all of a doo-dah about this new Geena Davis show, wherein she will be the first female president.ABC is doing its part to help the Hillary '08 campaign with this transparent attempt to get the nation "comfortable" with the idea of a woman president - one who will be portrayed as having soft edges, to round out Hillary's own spear-sharp ones.Funny how campaign-finance laws restrict the free speech of bloggers and independant groups, but don't consider how the arts contribute … [Read more...]

Hillary’s fundraisers raising eyebrows

The New York Times gives this the kid-glove treatment, suggesting that all of this will be nothing more than a wee embarrassment for "Mrs. Clinton." (They always calls her that instead of Senator when they wants to make her softer...)I know I don't even need to say it, but I will. Can you imagine the hyperventilation we'd be seeing in the press if this stuff was about ANY GOP senator, congressman, etc?Josh Gerstein seems to think the story won't go away too easily and that it may … [Read more...]