Hillary’s fundraisers raising eyebrows

The New York Times gives this the kid-glove treatment, suggesting that all of this will be nothing more than a wee embarrassment for "Mrs. Clinton." (They always calls her that instead of Senator when they wants to make her softer...)I know I don't even need to say it, but I will. Can you imagine the hyperventilation we'd be seeing in the press if this stuff was about ANY GOP senator, congressman, etc?Josh Gerstein seems to think the story won't go away too easily and that it may … [Read more...]

A Transparent play to get America on board with the idea

So Geena Davis will play the First Female President of the United States.Watch for the show to present a completely non-threatening, moderate, centrist character with very little to say that actually means anything.As I said here back in March...this is just a means to an end. Start showing the American people a female president. Make her likeable. Tug the heartstrings. Use the emotions. Let them make an association in their minds with WARMTH, and COMPETENCE.Because America must be … [Read more...]

Hillary’s “common ground” begins to shift under its false weight

Ah, and here we are. It was only a few months ago that the MSM told us - with many blaring headlines - that Hillary Clinton - that old paragon of clear-thinking and leadership (tell me, has she ever made a public statement on Terri Schiavo? Don't bother looking it up, the answer is no) was prancing toward a "more centrist" position on abortion. "She is seeking "common ground" with the pro-lifers!" the msm sighed in starry-eyed-sycophantasia. "Hillary is going to bring something real to the … [Read more...]

I never thought she was…

Jay Cost's article in the WSJ is creating a lot of buzz, as he asserts what some of us have been saying for a long time: Mrs. Clinton isn't much of a politician.The problem, and it's not one Cost addresses, is that she really needn't be much of a politician to be very successful, because she has the unconditional backing of the MSM, and she has waterfalls of money being funneled in her direction from George Soros, Americans Coming Together, The Media Fund and about a hundred other … [Read more...]

Comes the Rodham. I guess.

Well, I just watched the Trey's excerpt tape of Hillary's speech in Minnesota and I still don't get it. I have never understood her appeal, and I never will.I understood BILL's appeal. But hers, I just don't get.Radioblogger does an ambitious fisking of the speech and decides that in the end, just as George H. W. Bush was defeated in 1992 because (among other things) he reminded every woman of her first husband (I forget who said that - probably Ann Richards), Hillary will have trouble … [Read more...]

Let me just translate Hillary for you, here.

The story in the Washington Times says that Hillary Clinton - moving ever toward the center, at least in word, has said this:Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said yesterday that protecting the freedom to practice religion throughout the world is one of the most important missions of U.S. foreign and domestic policy. But the New York Democrat, in a speech last night on religious liberty and church-state relations, said that goal must include trying to "create a space for nonbelievers" as well. … [Read more...]

Hillary is as tin-earred as ever.

I don't care how much the press heralds her. I don't care how well she does when she is "on script."She has a political tin ear. She has a lesser gift for diplomacy than even I. And that is saying something.Last year, among friends, she declared, "we're going to have to take some things away from you, for the common good."Whoops, she didn't mean for that to get out!Now this. And this.Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has touched off a diplomatic flap with Iraq's incoming government by questioning … [Read more...]

As resolute as a Sherman Tank, and just as subtle

That would be Hillary Clinton who is transparently, and deeply, campaigning to be the Democratic nominee for President in 2008. Let's see, today we read that the NY Times will be doing a reliably gushing piece on Hillary where this devotee of all abortion rights, including partial birth abortion, is proposing new "language" about abortion rights. Don't be suckered by it. As a former liberal Democrat, I can tell you that "new language" simply means new packaging, new euphemisms and a thick cover … [Read more...]