Hillary vs The Automatic President

"I am missing Hillary..."That's the email I found this morning from a regular correspondent who trends left, and who sent this piece by Dana Milbank along to explain his thinking: Along the way, he traveled in a bubble more insulating than the actual president's. Traffic was shut down for him as he zoomed about town in a long, presidential-style motorcade, while the public and most of the press were kept in the dark about his activities, which included a fundraiser at the Mayflower where … [Read more...]

Bill Clinton's other best legacy

Photo Credit: Michael TottenA while back I wrote a piece praising Bill Clinton for having the gumption to reform welfare and called it, "his best legacy."I wasn't exactly wrong. But I was ignorant of something excellent which goes unnoticed and should be added to Clinton's legacy. I know better now, thanks to Michael Totten, who spent a few weeks in Kosovo and filed this report: An Abominable Blood-Logged PlainStrange country, Kosovo.It’s European, but it isn’t Christian. It’s major … [Read more...]

Oy Vey, the 2008 election!

I've had the strangest string of emails over the past few days, some from strangers (both left and right) and others from old email correspondents who are looking for someone to share a thought with.What's odd is that nearly all of them are indicating to me that they feel something is "off" about this election. They all sense something coming down the pike.One person wrote to agree with an old prediction of mine that McCain, despite all indications to the contrary, may not be the GOP … [Read more...]

Obama, the Trophy Wife?

The anger of Ms. Christian and her Democrat sisters has perhaps less to do with the fact that Barack Obama is an “inadequate black male” than that he is the trophy wife for whom Mrs. Clinton — and by extension, her graying, menopausal supporters — has been thrown over.A trophy wife, of course, is the younger, less shopworn, unlined, doe-eyed, and sometimes opportunistic woman some middle-aged men marry upon achieving the measure of worldly success that puts them in more “elite” company. Mixing … [Read more...]

Hillary SUSPENDS, as predicted

Come on, we all knew in the end she would suspend her campaign but not totally, not...completely...not....well, if there is the teensiest room to wiggle, she has left it, for herself.Just in case, you know...Obama flubs up really badly, or something. A gracious endorsement to dull the bitter aftertaste left from the last few weeks, and should anything, you know...happen...because, you know...stuff happens...she's your go-to girl!Her supporters ask, how did she lose to that guy?.Look for … [Read more...]

Hillary will suspend, not concede – UPDATED

:::UPDATE I:::Drudge has the siren up that Hillary "will take the veep slot." If this is true I hope McCain is smart enough to choose Sarah Palin for his running mate.:::SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE UPDATE:::Will she or won't she concede tonight - that's the big question burning up the blogs: what will Hillary do in the face of Obama's declaration of victory?Months ago I made a suggestion to the Hillary camp. I'm not so stupid or conceited as to think they are taking my advice, but I and betting … [Read more...]

A little drinky-poo, a little smoke

There is absolutely nothing wrong with an adult having a drink, or even with an adult having an occasional cigarette. Done in moderation, what's the problem?I mean, aren't we all getting a little weary of the finger wagging that erupts, constantly and on all sides, depending on an issue? I certainly am. I'm tired of adults being lectured to by other adults for the lesser sins of the flesh, or the even lesser sins of the carbon, when in the end the sins of the heart are the ones that bring … [Read more...]

Beale Olbermann & wiser countries

My Li'l Bro Thom sent this video my way wondering why MSNBC does not appoint an editor to Howard Beale Keith Olbermann to let him know when he's gone over-the-top. I suspect they like him ranting and over-the-top, and that Olbermann is simply further proof that Paddy Chayefsky's brilliant satirical film, "Network" was a prophetic masterpiece, that Chayefsky watched the corporate takeover of news divisions and knew it would eventually deliver unto us all a nightly scold by a sensationalist … [Read more...]

Hillary truly finished, now

Tied up with something and will get back to posting later tonight but to those writing about Hillary's extremely ill thought-out "RFK was assassinated in June," remarks, I'll repeat what I wrote to Thom as the story broke.That's all. This cannot be fixed, especially when the press will not help her with it. She's done. Toast.Now she will not be the Democrat nominee - even if something horrible DID happen to Obama, she will not be.Now she will not be his veep choice.Now, she will not … [Read more...]

200,000 Condoms & some comments

Write a letter, save a life! The easiest task you'll have all day!Priorities in order, the UN sends 200,000 condoms to Myanmar, which the government has accepted. Perhaps those poor people can inflate them, tie them together and float out of there on them. (Margaret Cabaniss gives helpful links to Caritas International and Catholic Relief Services.)Demilitarizing America: it's the Smart-Obama thing to do. He's sounding dumber and dumber to me, and I'm sorry but doesn't he seem almost as … [Read more...]