Kennedy, Obama & Palin; Hillary's screams – UPDATED

My L'il Bro Thom sent me the word on Ted Kennedy's brain tumor which appears to be malignant. Obviously this is news that brings up a great many feelings for those of us who lived through the whole Kennedy mythology of Camelot through the 1960's. My first thought was "I feel badly for Caroline; when Ted goes it is the last real connection to her mother and father. I don't get the sense that she is close to her cousins."We all sort of feel like we own a piece of the Kennedy's don't we? I … [Read more...]

Reading the handwriting on the wall…

Did we always go to handwriting analysts to determine the characters of our presidential candidates?Looking at the handwriting samples of McCain, Clinton and Obama, I got the weird sense that none of them would be president, come November.But then...maybe that's just wishful thinking. … [Read more...]

Answers, Questions, Religion & Politics

A Salesian Priest with a new blog sends me this link - I thought it was a terrific video, but I couldn't shake the notion that this young priest looks (and sounds) like a young, fluffy-beared Tom Cruise:Q: So, any truth to the rumor that Pope Benedict's trip to the US may result in more priestly and religious vocations?A: Maybe. In the Midwest and South, the Catholic church is showing good numbers in both areas, but the coasts are suffering from a dearth of applicants. God certainly … [Read more...]

Color-blind Bush, Racist Hillary? – UPDATED

Things certainly seem upside down all over, don't they? Looking over pictures of the Bush wedding this past weekend, someone commented that the Clinton's would never have had a private wedding without the press,"but if they did, they'd still make sure every story mentioned that the preacher marrying the couple was African-American. The Clinton's never, ever missed an opportunity to pander or play the race card, although in such a case, it would be seen as noble, rather than racist. But the … [Read more...]

Answers & Questions Again

I started doing this back in April, and for some reason people like this Q&A format and keep asking for more, and more,'s more.Q: Anchoress, you wrote a frivolous piece about your soul and coffee; does that mean you're feeling better?A: Praise God, yes, I am finally emerging from my exhausted fog and my numbers this morning were markedly better. Thanks for your kind notes and prayers (which always leave me touched and humbled.) If this is the worst thing going on in my life, … [Read more...]

While I am down, bravo Hillary – UPDATED

UPDATE: When I wrote this I had not heard Hillary's "hard-working white Americans" blurb. Very stupid. I said earlier that her persistence might mean she was a psychopath - that was meant as a throwaway joke - but, well, as Peggy Noonan points out, this whole thing has become psychodrama. I am pulling back my "bravo." "hard-working white Americans" is either very stupid or deliberately divisive. It cannot be cheered. ::: END UPDATE :::I rarely read something that I really, really wish I'd … [Read more...]

Hillary "Forced" Out?

I said last night that I thought Hillary would be smart to "suspend" her campaign, take a breather (and rest up) and then come barreling back at the Dem convention, when the party has begun to have buyers remorse on Obama, and he is tired and punchy. I doubt she'll do it; even to suspend would be too much like weakness to her. Meanwhile, this is pretty cute.H/T Brian Saint-Paul. … [Read more...]

Clintons behind Wright/media saturation? UPDATED

AJ Strata has an interesting link up over at his site - one that, if the thing pans out - suggests that it was a Clinton operative who invited Jeremiah Wright to (disastrously) address the National Press Club.AJ wonders if Wright has been bought off by the "old school" black democrats - paid to essentially destroy Obama's campaign - and what the price was.I initially did not believe that. I thought of Wright as a simple exhibitionist unable to resist the lure of bright lights and headlines … [Read more...]

More Questions in the Blogosphere

see more crazy cat picsThe other day - for reasons I don't understand - I tripped through the blogosphere Q & A style, and people seemed to like that.So, here are some more:Q: What is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's motto for this session of Congress?A: Well, I am not privvy to the great-woman's thoughts, but it would appear to be, "Mr. President, tear down any economic advantages you might be pursuing for us, and while you're at it, please make us as vulnerable to the … [Read more...]

Hillary wears a Marian bracelet

The American Papist has a good eye. He zeros in on Hillary Clinton wearing what is popularly known as a "Madonna bracelet" - a bracelet with images of Mary, the Mother of God, painted all around.Mrs. Clinton will do anything - anything to win! Even court the Catholics! :-)Go check out the pics!More here.WELCOME: NEW ADVENT readers: While you're here, please look around. Today we're also talking about The Last Secret of Fatima, and making lunch for the pope, as well as Where Healing … [Read more...]