Buster vs the paying public

You've all seen the Che tee shirt, right? The iconic shot of beret-wearing Che Guevara's face proudly worn by many who likely have no idea who the guy actually was.The other afternoon, working his summer job making steaming lattes, frappes and other delectable beverages for people willing to spend an enormous amount on coffee and coffee-related-confections in this woeful and nearly depressed economy, Buster found himself facing - for too many times in one day - a coffee lover wearing Che on … [Read more...]

The Prez & The Dude

Bush holding Stanley Debshaw before leaving the Peoria Airport (Xinhua/Reuters Photo) (H/T Fausta)How great is that shot? How adorable is that kid? The picture is part of a 4-shot gallery of photos entitled Bush's fun with kids at airport, and all four shots are excellent. I especially liked this one, of the president sharing a laugh with a primary school principal:It is amazing to me that this president, who has a very full plate and carries the stigma of being "the most vilified and … [Read more...]

Nursing at the mall and at mass

Yesterday, we looked at fitness spas for vaginas - something worth mocking, but not getting upset about.Today we look at breastfeeding in public - something worth appreciating, but not getting upset about.At Inside Catholic, Kate Wicker writes of nursing at mass:I realized that if, as I strongly believed, nursing was a part of God's plan for helping mothers bond with their babies and a way of using my body the way He designed it to be used, then of all places, I should feel comfortable … [Read more...]

Starbucks closing; blame the Monks?

My husband, teasing in an email: "Starbucks is closing 600 stores! I blame the Mystic Monks and that incredible Dark Roast!"Well...I don't think we can blame the monks, but I know I much prefer their smooth blends to a $5.00 cup of over-roasted-tasting Joe.Starbucks became so ubiquitous, it seemed like it was saturating it's own market. You just knew they would have difficulty sustaining things if people had to choose between the latte and the gas tank. Still, it's never good to read … [Read more...]

Critical Times for Critical Thought

A few weeks ago the Senate Intelligence Report, written by the Democrat-majority committee was released and the Washington Post dared to point out that the report stated very clearly that all of Bush's "lied" leading up to the Iraqi war were actually "substantiated by intelligence."Some readers of the piece, clutching their truthiness to them the way Obama accuses the Midwest of clutching their guns and bibles (bibles, truthiness, we're not so different, after all, are we?) seemed immune to … [Read more...]

Is Canada the Stepford Nation?

Okay, so Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, Kate, and Kathy and other writers are being hounded for daring to presume a freedom to express themselves in a country that has fixated on "being nice" over being "sensible" or "honest" or "provocative" or even "cranky" if one wants to be cranky.We already know that extremely liberal, extremely "nice" Canada claims authority over the public utterings and mutterings of its people (unlike, for instance, the "fascist" regime down in DC who, belying their … [Read more...]

Luke Russert; A father's best legacy

Luke Russert is an impressive young man who does his father and mother proud. His composure is remarkable, and he speaks extemporaneously better than...well...better than almost anyone currently dominating the scene in America.Hot Air has the tape. It's a great 15 minutes.Grieve a while, and then go get 'em, kid. … [Read more...]

Young men who don't like mustard

Quiet around here today because I was supervising a gang of college-age young men - Buster and pals - who were doing landscaping to earn some extra money. These bruisers were laying down 6 yards or so of mulch, getting at the "hard to reach" weeds and otherwise helping to prettify the place up - for a fee, of course, and all the juice, water, soda, watermelon and grub I could provide.At one point I handed out a "bucket o' samitches" - all different sorts of sandwiches on different sorts of … [Read more...]

"Familiarity & Yearning"

At Fausta's Blog, she links to this lovely short film, a sweetly evocative scene of the joys of anticipation to which we - in our era of immediate gratification - no longer allow ourselves. Perhaps that is why it made one of Fausta's reader's weep; perhaps we miss anticipation in our move to easy cynicism, and we miss the intimacies of family which allow us to know each other so well that we may both tease and enjoy each other.And in the background, Bryn Terfel singing the Welsh … [Read more...]

This guy is like…so right, you know?

Via Brutally Honest: … [Read more...]