Congrats to David & Missy

All the pro-life rhetoric in the world pales in comparison to seeing real people choose life, love, family and hope for the future. Nobody is missing from the family pictures. Everyone is there. Congrats and God Bless to David & Missy and their little strawberry-blonde daughter, and to their loving parents. … [Read more...]

A little perspective tonifier for Hillary

Hillary beats Obama by what, 3% , even with all the Limbaughians voting for her? That can't be good.I think Hillary's smartest move would be to "suspend" the campaign, which is not the same as ending it, allow herself some time to rest, save whatever money she can, and let her attack dogs render Obama as impotent and unelectable as possible...then "re-animate" her campaign before the convention, when the Dems are having Obama-remorse.It can't hurt her. Might help her become the party … [Read more...]

Progressively lonely and longing

Fausta is feeling depressed about the inability of our young adults to develop relationships of mature intimacy.A young woman in college, having sexual encounters with dozens of men who are little more than strangers to her, yearns for a guy to at least say he is going to stay.I find that extremely depressing: She wants not love, not intimacy (and forget about a spiritual component to a union - that hasn't even crossed anyone's mind). Just permanence. How sad.She's talking about this young … [Read more...]

To know and be known

Video Via Deacon Greg.I read of a couple who chose to deliver a baby that every doctor said they should abort, because the baby would likely never live outside the womb. They had the baby - they gave him life, named him, blessed him, held and kissed and loved him for the 45 minutes he lived. They cooed and took his picture and said to him, "we welcome you, we love you; we are yours and you are ours; we thank God for you, we will see you again."A few years ago, as my brother was dying, I … [Read more...]

Clearing all the tabs…

I did it again! Opened up dozens of interesting stories and blog posts and now I have too much to write about, so I'll just link you to them!Siggy brings us the Heavy Metal Puppy: you won't believe your eyes.GM Roper says we ought to be smarter than we're proving ourselves to be. He's quite correct.Remember Sandy Berger and his theft of Top Secret documents on terrorism? The Clinton library ain't talking about it. It's amazing how many things the Clintons get away with not talking … [Read more...]

Things to read while my car gets fixed!

My car is giving me trouble, so while I'm chatting in the grease pit, take a look at the long version of the Jim Caviezel adoption story.Eric Pavlat on teaching the Frankenstein novel.The Sobran Method of teaching Shakespeare - very cute piece: When Joe was learning to read, I made him read aloud a single sentence from The Tempest:“Monster, I do smell all horse-piss; at which my nose is in great indignation.”(You won’t find that one in books of great quotations. Never mind the context. Jo … [Read more...]

Prudery, Virginity and Do-Me Feminism

John Hawkins is featuring an interview with Carol Platt Liebau wherein she discusses her new book, Prude: How the Sex-Obsessed Culture Damages Girls (and America, Too!)The cover-design is awful; it reminds me of one of Anne Rice's Vampire tomes, but the book itself sounds interesting. Here's an excerpt from the interview:CPL: my view, there has been a strand of feminism that has been very destructive to young girls and even to women of slightly older ages and I talk about them in … [Read more...]

Caring for Orphans and Widows

I have to be honest and tell you that I do not read a lot about the polygamist sect story that's come out of Texas, partly because I never read sensationalist news - I couldn't tell you anything about Anna Nicole Smith or Jon Benet Ramsey besides the fact that they are tragic stories - because these stories, and the overcoverage of them tends to quickly feel like porn, to me.The other night my husband and I were flipping channels and saw the tail-end of a news story about the hundreds of … [Read more...]

My husband is a gem, a jewel!

I don't write much about my husband because he's a private fella; now and again I'll relate a period of puzzlement he may express regarding our children or the books that disturb his sleep, or some recipe-gone-wrong. I think once I referred to him as a "swell egg."But after reading Rachel Lucas and Dr. Helen on this miserable toothache of a woman who recommends treating a husband like a child in order to achieve "parity" in marriage (dear Lord in heaven - who has been promoting this myth … [Read more...]

Benedict: The Last 20th Century Man: UPDATED

:::SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE:::It seems almost silly to say I am bringing coverage of Benedict XVI's extraordinary sojourn in America to a close (actually, my final final thoughts are here) because the truth is I will likely be reading all of his addresses more closely and bringing them up in coming weeks, but the wall-to-wall writing will end here. I do want, though, to end with a thought that blipped through my head when Benedict was in DC, and again as he addressed the United … [Read more...]