Benedict & the sex abuse issue: Bumped & UPDATED

:::SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE::::Fr. James Martin looks at the pope's very long and full address to US bishops at the Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. It is a vast and far-reaching speech, and I'm printing it out to read and comment on more fully tomorrow, but for now I'm intrigued by Fr. Martin's focus on the terrible scandals which will always be before us.Even veteran Vaticanologists were surprised that Benedict chose to addressthe problem at such length, and in a public … [Read more...]

Obama's Speech, Day Two – UPDATED

:::Please scroll down for update::: I like to give people the benefit of a doubt, but I'm pretty tired, now:::Everyone and their mother has opined on Obama's speech, yesterday, and I don't have anything wise to say. I tend to agree with Tom Maguire; Obama probably did what he needed to do to assuage the Democrats, and those Independents who run center-left. As to its content and delivery, I suspect I align with Jon Podhoretz, in that the speech was both well-crafted and crafty. But I'm … [Read more...]

Failing to love is killing Europe

Over at the Corner, they're quoting Bruce Thornton: [Europe is not reproducing because] “children are expensive. They require you to sacrifice your time and your interests and your own comfort. If your highest good is pleasure, if your highest good is a sophisticated life, then children get in the way. Why would you spend so much money and so much energy on children if your highest good is simply material well-being? That's sort of the spiritual dimension of the problem."Read Dr. Melissa C … [Read more...]

Dogs, Bananas & broken furnaces

:::I was supposed to be out of town today, taking a mental-health break, but instead my furnace went acting all wonky and since my husband is not even in the same hemisphere as I am right now, I'm the furnace girl. Fortunately my new shipment of Mystic Monk Coffee has arrived, so I am happier about this than I normally would be. While I await help, please enjoy (I hope) this post from a while back, which I find gets pulled up frequently from people googling information about whether dogs can … [Read more...]

Fr. Scott Seethaler & Lucky's Funeral

My friend Deacon Greg, who has been feeling a little heartsore lately on the death of a deacon pal, has two uppers over at his site today.The first is an introduction to Fr. Scott Seethaler, ofm Cap (that would be "Order of Franciscans, Minor" or, Capuchin Friar to the uninitiated) - a preacher full of hope and genuine joy in Christ.Having heard Fr. Scott preach I can attest to his verve and energy and to the very Franciscan joyfulness that he exudes in his faith. I was happy to read Deacon … [Read more...]

For Jim & Family: Let Your Heart Be Staid

From the crucible, Requiescat in pacemMy son Buster sang this piece, Omnia Sol (Let Your Heart Be Staid), by Z. Randall Stroope, with the All State Mixed Choir a few years ago.Somewhere far from nowhere, I grew both strong and tall... Longing to become, but knowing not the path at all! But the footprints of the winter melted to fields of spring; One last embrace before I cross the threshold: To life we sing!(Unfortunately, I can't make an mp3 of that excellent recording, but this video is … [Read more...]

Do you keep holy water in your house?

I do. I periodically bless the rooms, doors and windows with holy water. When my kids were small I would bless them with it before they went out to school, or if they were sick.We have a holy water font by the front door - do you? It is - frankly - often dry. Perhaps for the rest of Lent I will try to use it more frequently, to instill that habit, and get my husband to, too.This is a sort of cool video on the subject, from the perspective of a husband and father.Btw, there is a … [Read more...]

George H. W. Bush; An Appreciation

Lt. George W. Bush. His wife recently said "he was the most beautiful creature I ever saw".Reuben F. Johnson has a terrific piece in the Weekly Standard (Via); it ends up wondering when - between the recent temperamental campaign hijinks of Bill Clinton and the less emotional goings on in Russia - we can again expect to see some maturity on the world stage.But gets to that question taking a route through the US presidential campaigns of 1992, and writes:How soon the Clintons forget the … [Read more...]

2 ummm…unusual post from the Catholics

First up, Deacon Greg has no idea if this rant was really written by a priest, but I'm betting it was. An excerpt:3. Oh, and all of you with crying babies: God bless you! Everybody is welcome in church, and that's what babies do. Anybody gives you a dirty look, tell them to go sh*t in their hat. God blessed you with new life, and all they have is a crabby disposition. But for you with noisy teenagers: beat them.You'll want to read the whole thing. I appreciated a great deal of this and … [Read more...]

Stupid men, Stupid Parents, Stupid Madison Avenue

My son Buster's pet peeve is the way fathers and young men are portrayed on television either by advertisers or in sitcoms. Overall it seems to Buster that in sitcoms men are fat, sloppy, stupid, lazy, sex-obsessed and unable to function without the help of the fit, very together, stylish, driven, educated and sex-sensible woman. In ads, young men are brain-dead, game-playing couch-potato louts or stupid, monosyllabic Jeff Spicoli knock-offs, and in ads fathers are routinely portrayed as … [Read more...]