A crisis

Someone wrote worriedly, asking me if I am not writing because I am zonked out on painkillers. No, the back is better, the pills are packed away. I had every intention of getting back to work today and was looking forward to it. The problem is that over the weekend a family member has been dealt a very bad blow and is suffering hugely and needs a lot of attention.There is an old song by Paul Simon, called "Some Folks' Lives" which goes, in partMost folks' lives Oh, they stumble Lord, they … [Read more...]

Sometimes I feel like Rose Castorini

Rose Castorini is a wonderful character in the film Moonstruck. Beautifully played by Olympia Dukakis (she won an Oscar for the role) Rose is the long-suffering wife of Cosmo (Vincent Gardenia), who is going through a mid-life crisis, and the mother of Loretta (Cher), a woman approaching her 40's with a case of the dowdies and a practical idea about becoming a bride.I've always loved the character of Rose because she is so real. Her first lines are uttered when she is awakened from a sound … [Read more...]

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and the use of art

Last night my husband and I were privileged to attend a recital by a great artist, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, as she makes her way through the great concert halls of the world in a "goodbye" tour before retirement. She looked and sounded gorgeous and when she first stepped out and began the recitative to Die ihr des unermesslichen Weltalls (You, who Revere the Creator of the Boundless Universe) in the great Carnegie Hall, I thought, "outside, the world is buzzing along, sirens, car horns, people … [Read more...]

What brings longevity? – UPDATED

Modern medicine is miraculous. The placement of a stent to hold open a narrowed tube...and things quickly get rosier. I thank you for your prayers, yesterday. When a man is 75 years old, everything can look scary very quickly. Pop is looking better; things look much better, all around, after a frightening few hours.It's funny, both of my in-law's fathers died in their 40's, of heart ailments - and that was back when folks walked everywhere and worked hard at physical labor, and foods were … [Read more...]

Props due St. Anthony of Padua & St. Joseph

I know it always puzzles my non-Catholic Christian friends when they hear us Papists talk about saints, or "praying" to saints. I've often made the distinction that when we talk to our saint friends - those who have gone before us and are now living in the Presence of God and comprising that cloud of witnesses (how could this not be? We believe in Eternal life!) - we really are "talking" to them just as we would talk to anyone of whom we were asking intercessory prayer. I might say to you, "I … [Read more...]

Dog days of August – UPDATED

I've gotten a few emails from folks concerned that I've been laid up with another ailment. Sorry I've been so quiet or raised concern. I'm well...it's just been very busy. (And of course really backed up on email, again).So, we left Buster at dorm on Friday night, came home Saturday. I gave myself Sat/Sun/Monday to cry, be depressed and eat chocolate (I can't seem to get enough...I feel too young to be at this "next" stage - the empty nester - of my life) and yesterday it was errand-running … [Read more...]

Buster off to college

Can you believe it? The boy wasn't even driving when I started the blog and now we're taking him off to school, and yes, this leave-taking is tough. It was hard to leave our Elder Son a few years ago, but at least I still had "one at home..." Now...well, the house is already feeling kind of empty and we feel it keenly.Will likely post something tonight after we get him settled in. Please pray for us, especially that this infection does not come back. It feels like the antibiotics and the … [Read more...]

Yes, prayer works; Clarity and Healing

Thank you. From my email know many of you - perhaps hundreds, perhaps thousands - whispered up generous and heartfelt prayers regarding this situation.Yesterday was a tough, frightening, emotionally and spiritually exhausting day...as with many things, the situation had to get worse before it could get better. Things skated upon a hoary edge...at one point I remember thinking, "Lord, I thought I asked you to stand between these two so that wouldn't happen!" Then I realized...sometimes a … [Read more...]

A family in crisis and in need of prayers

Sorry it's been so quiet over here. Aside from just spending 7 hours in the ER with my best friend, all of our time has been taken up dealing with a family (no, not ours) who are struggling with many issues, including mental health, and the children within the family who are being mentally and emotionally abused. One of them has been essentially not permitted out of the bedroom since Saturday for - believe me - an "infraction" so minor a normal parent would barely notice it (and no, the … [Read more...]

Olive Oil as anti-inflammatory? Granny knew!

Every once in a while I get these things in my email - I'm sure you get them, too - blaring headlines announcing new medical discoveries that will change your life. The discovery usually involves something like "drinking water" in a therapeutic manner, which they'll be glad to share with you for a low monthly fee...Sometimes, though, one such notice will catch my eye, because Granny, Auntie Lillie, The Other Nonna and many other of my elder female relatives were well-versed in folk medicine … [Read more...]