Hope for Buster and J: Grammy Winner bypasses Music Stores

When my sons were little, we would ask them what they wanted to be when they grew up and they'd say, "a daddy" or "a firefighter" or "an army guy" or (alarmingly) "a writer."Then one day, one of them, the quiet dreamer - the thoughtful brainiac with terrifyingly high test scores and so many interests that he can't seem to settle on one - comes to you at age 14 says, "I'm thinking of studying bio-medical engineering...maybe at MIT" and you think...wow...kid's got some direction. He'll have a job … [Read more...]

To the point on Nipplegate

Frank Rich is a prejudiced boob of staggering proportions. Mickey Kaus, while no boob, doesn't quite have his finger on it, either, although the objections his "non-evangelical, non-moralistic dads who were uniformly horrified" by the goings on at last years Super Bowl Halftime Show...are quite legitimate, and have the added benefit of being politically correct.People were not offended by Janet Jackson's nipple because they're joyless prudes and simpletons, no matter how much the "tolerant and … [Read more...]

No greater love…

Many have heard the story of the rather newly named saint, Gianna Beretta Molla and the story of how she, diagnosed with cancer and advised to abort, chose to deliver the new life and accept having "run the race and finished [her] course."It is an astonishing story of love in an age where woman are routinely counseled to put themselves first. And now we read this tremendous love has happened again in Vancouver. (Hattip: KJL at NRO's The Corner )Vancouver Woman Chooses Life for Her Baby just … [Read more...]