Save Fatherhood; Save the World

A moving video for anyone who has ever had a good father.Perhaps an even more moving video for those whose fathers were broken, or deeply flawed, or not there at all.In a former parish, there was a sister-liturgist who--eager to promote "sensitivity"--decided that the Gloria should be sung with the refrain "Glory to God in the Highest, and peace to God's people on earth;" she was content to brutalize the ear, change a liturgical prayer that is not supposed to be changed, and disorient the … [Read more...]

A Gathering of Eagles – UPDATED

This is wonderful and true:When it is 95 degrees, the two guys you don’t envy are Santa Claus and the man in the bomb disposal helmet and gear.There were a couple hundred of us, mostly old guys, hiding from the heat by standing under the trees on the Capitol Mall. What distinguished us from the 10,000 or so other marchers resting under the trees beside us was that they were all under 18-years-old and wearing Boy Scout uniforms, while we ranged in age up to seventy-one and were mostly wearing … [Read more...]

Happy 4th, or, umm…UPDATES

When I was in elementary school, the typical class had 52 students, with one nun in charge of getting information into our heads.The public schools had a better student-to-teacher ratio, but outside of religion the courses were the same, and they included a quaint little class called "civics."Civics class taught you things like: when, how and why America was formed. What the Declaration of Independence was; what the Constitution said, and the origination of the Bill of Rights. We learned … [Read more...]

Beautiful & Sad and all too true

Joseph Bottum tells a too true story:There are some real championship athletes on the rodeo circuit, and she wasn’t that. But she was good enough to get a minor riding scholarship to a school off on the other side of the state, joining the rodeo team of one of those big land-grant state universities that engulf midwestern and western towns. And she lasted less than a year. Three, four, maybe five months before she dropped out and turned up at home again, pregnant.Not pretty enough to be a r … [Read more...]

He Leadeth Them

Fr. Walter Ciszek, S.J.From this interesting piece on Fr. Walter J. Ciszek and the simple (but not easy to come by) truths he learned while in the Gulag:. . . Lubianka wore him down with its constant hunger and isolation and the all-night interrogations, with their mind games and agonizing afterthoughts. After a year—brutalized, drugged, threatened with death—Ciszek did what he had been sure he would never do: He signed papers that gave the impression he had been spying for the Vat … [Read more...]

Homework & Hospitals

Elder Son & Buster, long agoLongtime readers may recall that while he was in High School Buster frequently landed in the ER usually from a rash move on the playing field:Now he's away at college, and here we are again. Only Buster can apply himself to his homework and land in the hospital! He had an assignment to videotape reactions to the breaking of social norms, and then to analyze them. His partner taped him intruding on a game of catch by making a play intended for another.His … [Read more...]

Lent: Back to Eden

"Most probably we are in Eden still. It is only our eyes that have changed." --G.K. Chesterton, Introduction to The DefendantSomehow Lent always seems to lead me, in one way or another, toward Eden.This year -and coinciding with a Lent that seems to be all about re-appreciating family- I find myself back in Eden thanks to this thoughtful piece about birth control and its effect on vocations, including the vocation to marriage.Writes Fr. Dwight Longenecker:The second shift due to … [Read more...]

Little Black Book of Violence

Over at PJTV, Dr. Helen talks to Lawrence Kane about his book, The Little Black Book of Violence: What Every Young Man Needs to Know About Fighting. I had seen this book recommended at Instapundit last year, and put a copy of it into my son Buster's Christmas stocking.Watch Dr. Helen's enjoyable chat with Kane, which I enjoyed and think you will, too.After watching the video, I gave Buster a call. He says he is almost halfway through the book and likes it quite a lot. "It goes out of its … [Read more...]

Five years in a shelter?

Over at New Advent, I found a story from CBS news that I think was meant to be an amusing sort of "feel good" story:Manhattan Soup Kitchen Serves Caviar; Anonymous Donor Gives 150 NYC Needy a Taste of Luxury LifeThere was something special on the menu at a New York soup kitchen Thursday.Those eating lunch at the Broadway Community Inc. facility in Manhattan got a taste of the luxury life, thanks to a gift of caviar from an anonymous donor.The caviar was served along with sour cream and … [Read more...]

Babies are Good!

This looks terrific. The two little boys in the beginning remind me a bit of what it was like around here 20 years ago, with Elder Son and Buster. Right down to one of them being a biter. Yes, that would be orally-fixated Buster.H/T Margaret Cabaniss, who also sees family memories in those two adorable kids. … [Read more...]