Babies are Good!

This looks terrific. The two little boys in the beginning remind me a bit of what it was like around here 20 years ago, with Elder Son and Buster. Right down to one of them being a biter. Yes, that would be orally-fixated Buster.H/T Margaret Cabaniss, who also sees family memories in those two adorable kids. … [Read more...]

Thoughtfulness re Halloween

It's my favorite time of the year, after Christmas; the biting air, the crunchy leaves beneath my feet, the pumpkins and the sense of harvest and closing, of bursting into autumn until you cannot be autumn anymore, and must slide into winter.I've reposted, several times, my thoughts about Halloween, itself, and it's always fun to look at the pictures, but I urge you to take a gander at Sally Thomas' smart piece on The Drama of Hallowmas:Halloween’s emphasis on darkness makes many Christians s … [Read more...]

School Choice in DC; a no-brainer!

Take a few minutes to watch this excellent video from PJTV, focusing on the Obama administration's ending a successful scholarship program that has allowed students to get out of the failing, miserable public schools in the District of Columbia (where more than $15,000 a year is spent, per student, with dismal results). The September 30 protest garnered little attention, but PJTV attended and asked good questions.Pay attention to the former Headmaster of Sidwell Friends School (where Chelsea … [Read more...]

Can't believe Sally missed this…

Over at Icons and Curiosities, Sally and Jody like to showcase the different, new, oddball or kitschy. I am surprised that Sally, who regularly looks at Catholic Goods on Ebay has missed this one:For the Little Catholic Boy who likes to play "Priest at Mass"Ornate lot of 8 very old miniature religious church vessels in silver color pewter lead castmetal that were most probably used as toys in the late 1800's to the early 1900's.2 - Church altar spike candleholders 4,2 inches high. 1 - … [Read more...]

Clearing out the tab

I've got some deadlines to meet and a project I'd like to get started, so I need to stop futzing around, reading news and blogs and get to it. Here is what's been cluttering up my tab-bar for the last day or so - it's a bit of a jumble, sorry:Malta, shamelessly cribbed from CrescatBeautiful Malta! Where Doug Kmiec is the new US Ambassador after what Dan Gilgoff describes as a "strange religious/political" swearing in. Kmiec is the Catholic former Reagan WH Legal Counsel who campaigned … [Read more...]

Hamburger Politics? UPDATE

So, Michelle Obama took the girls out for a hamburger, fries and shakes yesterday.I've had probably ten people email me saying, one way or another, "how nice that Michelle's girls get to eat hamburgers while the country gets lectured about how it needs to eat better," or "if they get blocked arteries, will Obamacare cover them or blame them for eating red meat?"I understand their points. Having the White House carry on about obesity in children and poor eating habits, and then take the kids … [Read more...]

Why you need an IT guy in the family

You need an IT guy in the family because things fall apart.Centers do not hold.Also things like mail programs get corrupted. Other things get messed up because Firefox crashed.Then, when you are whimpering in the corner, because you haven't a clue how to deal with any of it, your Elder Son, who is back in school to get all kinds of mysterious computer certifications, comes in. Behold the IT guy: he is a hero in the mold of classic heroes. He is grave, but compassionate. He scolds you … [Read more...]

Obama, "no excuses," Boxer inexcusable – UPDATED

I like this clip of President Obama speaking forcefully and passionately, and I think, from the heart, about teaching our children to expect more from themselves.Embedded video from CNN VideoObama is speaking to the NAACP, but his message is pertinent to all of America, where we spend a lot of time telling our children how "special" they are, but don't re-inforce that message by allowing them to really discover their uniqueness and individual genius by offering enough daily challenges and … [Read more...]

Palin's Pipeline Gets Last Laugh?

With the countless words being written about David Letterman's foolish, boorish and uncalled for "jokes" about Sarah ("slutty flight attendant") Palin and her daughter Bristol (who "did get knocked up" after all, and so deserves jokes implying she is promiscuous and a prostitute by the hypocritical puritans on the left), very little is being written about Sarah Palin's pipeline.Jim Geraghty tweeted it first and writes:Back in March, I took a look at a Portfolio article on Alaska governor … [Read more...]

The smartest girl on video

Not telling you who; go see for yourself. … [Read more...]