“Get Religion” Comes to Patheos!


It becomes increasingly evident that, as William Schneider is quoted as saying, "the press . . . just doesn't 'get' religion" -- so much so that Deacon Greg, in addition to all of the other news-mining he engages in every day for our edification, has lately taken to chronicling the media balldrops on the subject.Even better than a Deacon/Journalist keeping track of media mishaps on religion is a whole site dedicated to the daily monitoring and analysis of press coverage on religious stories, … [Read more...]

Paul Ryan, Patheos’ “News and Politics” and “Public Catholic”

Rebbecca Hamilton_large

Deacon Greg is probably one of the least "political" writers at Patheos, but he is still a newsman and his Catholic perspective has him rounding up articles on Paul Ryan and also culling specific Ryan/Catholic issues from the headlines, like this one: Ryan's Budget a "Quandary" for some Catholics"Meanwhile, just in time for the electoral season (and destined to live beyond it), Patheos has created a sort of one-stop landing page for all of your "mixing my faith with my politics" needs, … [Read more...]

A New Priest, A New Blog for Patheos


Longtime Patheos readers are familiar with Father Michael Duffy, although they may remember him best as Seminarian Michael Duffy, who shared with them his thoughts on the clerical collar as both yoke and witness and the seminary as seedbed for lifelong growth.Deacon Greg noted his June 9th ordination for the Diocese of Rockville Centre, and today we welcome him as our newest blogger as he launches "Father, Where Art Thou?"; A Newly-Minted Priest Explores His Fatherhood.By beginning … [Read more...]

The Fruit of Chastity

vertumnus and pomona

Max Lindenman has a good post up, on how to write about sex, when one is Catholic.Since we Catholics tend to do that a lot (one of the frankest bit of Catholic writing on sex I have ever read -- and appreciated -- was Elizabeth Duffy's essay on the subject, included in Hallie Lord's Style, Sex and Substance), I appreciated Max's very honest take on his own evolution on the issue:A few weeks ago, Joanne McPortland wrote a piece comparing Catholics to BDSM submissives. In sharing the … [Read more...]

“I guess Morality just loves me, or something…” UPDATED

You guys remember Leah Libresco, right? The favorite Philosopher Atheist of many of us, here in the Catholic portal? The adorable, ubersmart Yalie grad whom I introduced a while back, as "a smart young cookie and a life-long atheist" and whose blog began as a geeky atheist picking fights with her Catholic boyfriend?Yeah, her, the girl whose banner has been flying at the atheist's corner:Well, today she makes an announcement that will startle many:I tried to keep my eyes open … [Read more...]

McNamara’s Blog to Patheos!


Pat McNamara, our favorite historian and professor has a terrific column up this week, studying Daniel A. Rudd, a former slave who became an entrepreneur and a journalist and eventually published the first "black" Catholic newspaper:Born in Bardstown, Kentucky, Daniel Arthur Rudd was baptized in St. Joseph's Church, where the Rudds worshiped together with their owners. For three generation, his relatives had been church sextons (caretakers for the facilities). From childhood, Daniel … [Read more...]

Egregious Twaddle at Patheos!


Given that we only celebrated the arrival of Eve Tushnet to Patheos a few weeks ago, you'd think we'd have our fill, for now, of smart women who also happen to be dandy writers.Well, you'd be wrong. I am very happy to announce the addition of Joanne McPortland's blog, Egregious Twaddle to our happy little Catholic blog-glomorate amid the cyber-aeropagus here at Patheos! Like Eve, Joanne made me wait -- but they're both well-worth it!If you don't know the name Joanne McPortland, you … [Read more...]

Welcoming Eve Tushnet to Patheos

eve tushnet

She's been writing and I've been reading her for a long time, but I think Eve Tushnet's name became much more widely known in 2010, when the New York Times profiled her, identifying her in the opening graph as that (to them) most exotic of all creatures, a "the celibate, gay, conservative, Catholic writer".My goodness, these labels, categories and pigeonholes -- our increasingly polarized world loves them, because they tell us who we should read or not read, hate or not hate in the blink of … [Read more...]

Longenecker Lands at Patheos!


Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world...Oh, wait, wrong scenario. Rewind.Of all the blogs, on all the portals, in all the interwebz...I always thought Father Dwight Longenecker's blog, Standing on my Head was one of the prettiest to read, and it had the added distinction of being at turns provocative, thoughtful and hilarious.And now, he's walked into Patheos and sat himself down at our table.The fundamental things apply; Father Dwight tends to focus on … [Read more...]

Bristol Palin at Patheos?


Wow, when Kathryn Jean Lopez arrived here in the Catholic Portal, we thought that was pretty big news!But the Faith and Family portal, run by Nancy French (and which features our own Marcia Morrissey's column, and perhaps some more Catholic voices, soon) has big news, too: a new blog by a single mother who goes by the name Bristol Palin -- she calls it, simply, Bristol's blog; a site about "life, family and Alaska." I like the header which looks to be a shot of Bristol Bay?Regular … [Read more...]