Seasons of Grace Come to Patheos

SeasonsofGracebanner the form of Kathy Schiffer's newly landed blog:It's only been a week since I announced the launch of Thomas L. McDonald's God and the Machine faith-and-tech blog, so you probably didn't expect another so soon, but some may recall that I'd promised Kathy's arrival not long ago, when she -- along with Dwight Longenecker and Elizabeth Duffy -- spent a week guest blogging over here and Kathy was super-energetic. The only reason she didn't start last week is because I got sick, so … [Read more...]

God and the Machine at Patheos!


Seems like just yesterday we were welcoming Kathryn Jean Lopez and Tony Rossi and now we get to break out the beans and bourbon again, another author and editor-at-large (Games Magazine) who has something to say! I'm am very pleased to introduce you to Thomas L. McDonald, and to announce the launch of God and the Machine, a new blog exploring faith, technology and where things lean heavy or light!Tom's CV is exhausting and impressive. Aside from authoring three books, and overseeing … [Read more...]

K-Lo at Large, Now at Patheos!


She is the editor-at-large at National Review Online, and taking just a quick glance at her curriculum vitae, you might be forgiven for thinking of Kathryn Jean Lopez as one of the busiest women in media:An award-winning opinion journalist who has been praised for her “editorial daring,” Lopez is also a nationally syndicated columnist with Andrews McMeel Universal’s Newspaper Enterprise Association.Besides commissioning, editing, and writing pieces as editor and editor-at-large of NRO fo … [Read more...]

The Christophers at Patheos!


A new year is a good time to forge a new partnership and I am (as Hubert H. Humphrey used to say) "as pleased as Punch" to announce the arrival of a new blog, Christopher Closeup, here on the portal!Anchored by the tireless Tony Rossi (who has contributed many excellent pieces to Patheos in the past year), Christopher Closeup will feature the exclusive online debut of new and upcoming podcasts, hosted by Tony, wherein he chats with entertainers, writers, sports figures and the interesting … [Read more...]

So this Catholic woman and this Pagan Woman – UPDATE

Katrina Fernandez is tired of ecumenism and puts it out there:Ecumenism, or more specifically, tip toeing around the sensibilities of other religions. He finds it elitist a Catholic’s claim of belonging to the One True Church. I suppose this assertion goes against popular belief that all religions have equal measure and are deserving of equal respect.To my dear friend religion is just another personal choice, like who to date or whether to have coffee or tea for breakfast. It doesn’t mat … [Read more...]

What’s Patheos? Where did it come from?

Patheos Denver Westward News

Not too long ago, I did a radio show and the host struggled with the name of Patheos, "how do you pronounce, it; what does it mean? He asked."It's PATH-eeohs. It's a portmanteau: PATH and THEOS -- think of it as Path-to-God. And the company's origins make for very interesting reading in the Denver Westward News:In 1989, U.S. Marine Leo Brunnick was in the jungle, training a group of Thai Royal Marines. He gestured to the top of a hill and told the Thais to run up there. It was the best … [Read more...]

Say hello to Elizabeth Duffy!


A couple of weeks ago, Elizabeth Duffy, the proprietess of, shared her Examination of Conscience in Real Time with us, here at Patheos, and her voice was so fresh and singular, we asked her if she'd like to join our ever-growing gang of columnists and bloggers in the Catholic portal.And were we ever happy when she said, "why, yes!"So, say hello to Elizabeth Duffy and her new, twice-monthly column, The Constant Convert, which she launches this week with New Love, New … [Read more...]

Helping You Get Enthused…

...because that's what I do!I know you know October is dedicated to the Rosary, and that is why I have directed you here and here over the past weeks. So, today, let Pat Gohn dispel any idea you might have that the rosary is the prayer of blue-haired old ladies:I have an aversion to being called a "Rosary rattler." But to those who know me, this isn't news.That was the name the local hipsters dubbed the so-called blue-hairs kneeling before Mass petitioning the Blessed Virgin … [Read more...]

Catholic Portal: WTC, Hooters, Mother Teresa, Dominionism

Never let it be said that the Catholic portal at Patheos is a predictable place. Currently featured in its columns and blogs:We've been anticipating the 9/11 Anniversary for a couple of weeks, by taking the Testimony of Two Towers, pondering the water and ash, remembering her secret heroes both priestly and canine, and we're finding allusions to that terrible day in our own lives.And we're not done with that topic. This week look for pieces on the anniversary by Deacon Greg, Pat Gohn and … [Read more...]

Muldoon and Coffey Honored by CPA

Well, bust my buttons!It seems that while passing out awards recently, the Catholic Press Association singled out two of our Catholic Portal columnists for distinction:Congrats to Boston College's Tim Muldoon, who runs his own page, here and also toils weekly at Culture in the Crossroads, where his recent series on Sex and Christianity has been a popular feature.Of his book, Love One Another, co-edited with Cynthia S. Dobrzynski and honored with a third place prize in the book category … [Read more...]