The Secret Place…

The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart. --Saint JeromeEven though it sometimes means I do not get a joke, or a discreet tease, there are times I am thankful that the internet is faceless. My face, my eyes, they give away everything.But that I am forbid To tell the secrets of my prison house, I could a tale unfold whose lightest word Would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood, Make thy two eyes like stars start from their … [Read more...]

What Do You Really Believe?

It's a great question to stop people of faith in their tracks and get them pondering, "well, what DO I believe."I remember once watching an old Mother Angelica Live broadcast and hearing her say (paraphrase), "do you really believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born of a woman..." and thinking, "that's a good question to ask; it zeros in on the whole mystery of the Incarnation which is foundational to the rest."Over at Patheos, they're beginning a new multi-week series that asks the … [Read more...]

The Glory of God on Your Face -UPDATED

Nothing thrills a writer more than to read something and tsk wistfully about it, "boy, I wish I'd written that!"Which is how I began my morning. Thrilled and wistful!The great Pat Gohn has written something truly wise, wonderful and valuable in Something of the Glory of God Shines in Your Face. I'm calling it today's must-read:If we lined up all the major issues of Catholic social teaching and compared them to the Himalayas, the “dignity of the human person” would be Mount Everest… the mo … [Read more...]

I'm at the WaPo…

In a roundaboutacious way - a rerun of my Good Friday piece at NPR … [Read more...]

A Creche, B-16 & Your Opinion, Please

I tease you with a splendid picture (they get a little fuzzy with cropping/shrinking) from Rome in order to entice you into answering a question for me.What you see there is perhaps the most exquisite little chapel in Rome, in the great, mostly-5th century Santa Maria Maggiore (St. Mary Major). The whole church is breathtaking (I am going to someday pattern my floors on the swirly designs therein), but this particular picture is of the Nativity chapel, designed by Arnolfo di Cambio. The … [Read more...]

Return to Bliss

Isn't this a great picture? Flowers in the Utah desert, after a rain.Even what is hard and barren may be cracked open, to reveal an inner beauty hardly guessed at.Bliss.Let's revisit a little bliss:. . . we are His raiment, and whether we consent to it or not, we will eventually be worn out and put away, and He will go on, living in others, arrayed in whatever garment they offer. Whether we are thin, fat, old, young, fit or paralyzed, or even "born with half a brain," God suits up … [Read more...]

Everyday Apocalypse

No, that header is not about my mood just now (bad) or about what feels like a daily barrage of news that seems overloaded with change and short on hope.It's a bit more transcendent than that, and it seems to me that a few deep breaths and a bit of transcendence is urgently called for, right about now. … [Read more...]

Do you remember "Password?"

Joan Crawford on Password. "The password is 'fun'!"During my elementary-school years, rainy afternoons had their own comfortable routine: if one had to stay indoors, well, at least there were a few game shows and a 4 o' clock movie to distract from homework and chores.My favorite gameshow was Password; celebrities would partner with contestants to guess a "password" by means of the fewest clues. When I was very young, I enjoyed the mysterious out-of-nowhere voice that would stage-whisper … [Read more...]

2 Quick Notes

Today is the Feast of St. Lawrence, Patron of Deacons, and I urge you to go check out Deacon Greg's blog. He has good info, and a prayer, and...the He-Maniest Icon I have ever seen, on display!Also, over at Patheos, I have begun a Catholic Word of the Day feature. Check it out. And if you have suggestions for words I may use in the future, send them along. It's surprisingly difficult to think of a word, some days!Ah, and while you're there, check out my journal entry from 2007 … [Read more...]

Good-natured Resistance

Really, since Patheos is in the midst of an absolutely huge Future of Evangelicalism week, I must put up a little good-natured resistance. … [Read more...]