Helllloooooo Evangelicals!

You put up with the Catholics and with the Mainline Protestants, but now, helllooooooo Evangelicals: It's the week you've been waiting for over at Patheos, where Tim Dalrymple and others have compiled one huge forum on the Future of Evangelicalism!It's what Katie Couric would call gi-normous!. You've got a month's worth of reading there, or more! Dig in, have fun! Don't forget to find your way back here! … [Read more...]

"Save the Boomers" Director's Cut

In discussing the Future of Catholicism at Patheos, one essay in particular, Barbara Nicolosi's vent-acular rant on the influence of the Baby Boomers on art and culture, stood out; Save the Boomers, Save the World was the most-read piece of the week.In truth, "Save the Boomers" is a highly-edited version of a much longer piece, which Nicolosi had entitled, "Turn, Turn, Turn," and that piece may now be read in its entirety. … [Read more...]

Crucifix to Cross; Hello Protestants!

As the Future of Catholicism Week wanes, and Patheos gets set to welcome a look at The Future of Mainline Protestantism, the Catholic side closes with two very different but passionate pieces:No discussion of the Future Church can be complete without a look at Catholic music, and award-winning composer Frank LaRocca (a friend of this blog; you have read about him here) does the honors, with Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi likewise, a discussion of the future that misses the voice of the … [Read more...]

Echoing Love in Eternity

This morning I dreamed my dog was being sick in my bedroom--she sleeps by my bed--turns out, my husband had said, "she's throwing up, again" it and the words invaded my dreams before they entered my consciousness. I awoke to find him taking the first turn at what became a bad morning/afternoon of cleaning up after Alle, who seems to be a little more settled now, and is able to take some hydration.The vet says tomorrow, we'll know more. Meanwhile, I think my husband is bringing home a … [Read more...]

The Evangelical Catholic Debt

Day three into Future of Catholicism Week some might be surprised by this piece by Hugh Hewitt, which is a virtual valentine to Evangelical Christians:The brief history of American Catholicism is this: mission, persecution, immigration, community, political power, strength, Vatican II, confusion, decline, scandal, confession, penance, and renewal. A new cycle of mission, persecution, immigration, community, political power, and strength has begun. Provided the reformed American Church remains … [Read more...]

To Be the Balm

Over at Patheos, the Future of Catholicism Week continues. Today I was struck by the enthusiasm and optimism of Word on Fire's Fr. Robert Barron, as he offers some advice to young priests:Who, after all, would want to sign up for a form of life that was regularly subjected to bitter critique and that seemed, in the eyes of many, to be dysfunctional? And yet you came, and you stayed.No one could possibly accuse you of seeking an easy life or hiding from your problems. Your very presence and … [Read more...]

More Norm Fallout, Abortion Alleys & More

Apparently, for reasons I cannot yet fathom, the comments section for this post on what I referred to as a Vatican "fail" was all discombobulated. That has been corrected, but this gives me an excuse to link to a few other reactions to the Norms, and so you can all continue your fisticuffs and so forth either over there or in the comments below!I know the Abortion Alley headline piqued your interest: here is Mary Rose Somarriba explaining why abortion, legal or otherwise, will never leave the … [Read more...]

The Beautiful Mess of the Catholic Journey

Over at Patheos, they're getting ready to launch the Future of Catholicism week, part of their summer series on the Future of Religion.Since some feel I've been a little hard on the Curia, these last two days, let me offer this poignant little piece.When I think of the future of the Church, I think of -- me.A few years ago I was a humble parish secretary. That might seem like a surprising choice for an Ivy League-educated woman who had worked in politics and journalism. My mother certainly … [Read more...]

US Figure Skating Champ on Faith

Timothy Dalrymple, who has had the opportunity to interview several athletes on the role of faith in their lives. Today he posts a chat with former US Figure Skating Champ Kimmie Meissner, who is currently in college and considering her future plans, on her Catholic faith.Check it out, and the other links as well. Nice stuff to read and pass on to the young 'uns you know!Related: Soccer Goalie to make Pilgrimage From Olympic Speed Skater to Franciscan Nun Andrea Yeager; From Tennis Champ … [Read more...]

The Reality of Pope Benedict, 2010

The other day I was chatting with a friend about how the reality of Pope Benedict the XVI been nothing like the "petrifying" whip-cracking reactionary that so many talking heads had predicted back in 2005. Yes, E.J. Dionne had actually said he was "petrified" over what the dreaded Joseph Ratzinger--the caricature of the media's own creation--would do to the Church.That made me go look up and dust off a link-heavy piece where I'd looked back at some of those paranoid predictions of 2005. … [Read more...]