The Reality of Pope Benedict, 2010

The other day I was chatting with a friend about how the reality of Pope Benedict the XVI been nothing like the "petrifying" whip-cracking reactionary that so many talking heads had predicted back in 2005. Yes, E.J. Dionne had actually said he was "petrified" over what the dreaded Joseph Ratzinger--the caricature of the media's own creation--would do to the Church.That made me go look up and dust off a link-heavy piece where I'd looked back at some of those paranoid predictions of 2005. … [Read more...]

You Have Video Recommendations?

Over at Patheos, I am still getting my feet wet and doing what little I can to contribute to next week's focus on Catholicism, as The Future of Religion Series Continues.If you haven't yet checked out the series, do so; you'll find it fascinating. This week, the site is focusing on Judaism, and you might enjoy availing yourself of some interesting writing and opining on the subject (I am looking at you, especially, Hantchu!); you may enjoy spending some time with the people John Paul II … [Read more...]

The "Patheos"

I've had several emails asking me what "Patheos" means. No, it's not a real word. It is a modern-day clever mash up that takes "path" (as in, you know, a way) and then shares the "th" with theos (as in, "God"), so you could say it means "Godpath" or something like that.I'm still getting up to speed over there, so today's post is a reprint from here, but one that I think makes a very good exposition of myself to a new readership. Do you agree?Since Anchoress readers come from so many … [Read more...]