Calming the Catholic Caricatures

Three excellent pieces, today, all making the very excellent and true argument that Catholics cannot really be labeled and pigeonholed into political and ideological caricatures, no matter how desperately the media (and too often Catholics themselves, of each other) try to do it.First up, Father Robert Barron looks at Paul Ryan and says, he's neither the social menace or the knight in shining armor that partisans want you to believe:In its social teaching, this same sort of "bi-polar … [Read more...]

Paul Ryan, Catholic? Got a Problem with It? UPDATE

My title is a bit of a tease, but it's meant to direct your attention to Ed Morrissy's exceptionally thorough and balanced look at Paul Ryan and all of the rhetoric being thrown around about his budget, the bishops, how he is perceived by progressives, the distinctly uncharitable "pray for his conversion" being recommended by some who presume to know the state of his soul, and of course, Ayn Rand.The key question of whether Ryan’s budget violates his faith gets addressed best by the man who h … [Read more...]

Ayn Rand giving Paul Ryan the Pip Among the Papists


When Mitt Romney selected the Catholic Paul Ryan to be his running mate, he probably thought it would lock in "the Catholic vote" in one neat move.He couldn't possibly understand that what he's really done is revealed a few trenchant truths about Catholics in America, to whit:1) We are not monolithic in our thinking. This should not surprise anyone; a quick Facebook turn through the timelines of Catholics in-various-degrees-of-obedience to Rome will demonstrate keenly that Catholics run … [Read more...]