Talking “Strange Gods” on Catholic Weekend


When Maria Johnson invited me to come and chat with the gang at SPQN's Catholic Weekend, I said "sure" without really knowing what to expect. I didn't anticipate a party atmosphere at Google hangouts, and I was a little frightened at the idea of talking with four people at once. But when Maria greeted me with a tiara on her head and a tee shirt proclaiming herself "The Queen of Everything" I realized I could have retained my Donald Duck sweatshirt. Tiara aside, I felt overdressed!In this … [Read more...]

Learn the Divine Office in Lent

Divine Office

Well, Day 1 of Lent was pretty rich. Got to lector at Mass for one of my favorite readings and psalms, which was neat. Got to spend more time at a doctor's office than I wanted to for something so minor, but that was good, as it gave me a chance to finish Robert Hugh Benson's Lord of the World, (free on Kindle, kids!) and I think I needed the downtime. The quiet allowed a deeper submersion into Lent, but I still haven't gotten that book recommendation post done, sorry.Speaking of deeper … [Read more...]

Re-recorded the "Treasury" Podcasts

Because the originals seemed to be set at too low a volume, I just got done re-recording all of the podcasts for the Treasury of Catholic Prayers.So, for those who complained (and who did not), please re-download what you like. I have added a few more prayers, and completely re-recorded the Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, because the first one included me gassing away interminably about I-forget-what. Now you can have just the prayer, without the rest.Oh, and I also recorded The … [Read more...]

Podcast: Treasury of Prayers

Someone actually asked me to do this, and now that I have my good recording cord thingy, I have the chance, so here are a collection of prayers and pleas that can be downloaded into your mp3 things.I'll add more as I find time. Unless y'all hate them, in which case, I won't.A Prayer for EveningAct of ContritionAngelus (w/ Call to Prayer (Bells)Anima ChristiAgnus Dei (Latin, Chanted)Apostles CreedBreastplate of St. PatrickCome, Holy SpiritDoxologyHail MaryHoly, Holy, … [Read more...]

Podcast: Mass Readings of the Day

Ah, you knew I couldn't keep totally silent, right? Finally found a good cord for podcast recordings, so I thought I would give you the mass readings for the day, which are from Isaiah 49:1-6 and John 13:21-33, 36-38.I've included the Responsorial Psalm, too, which is number 71.It is Holy Week, after all.Sorry about the "Master, where are y'goin'?" We New Yorkers do have a problem, sometimes, with those g's. … [Read more...]

Podcast Nativity Narrative in Luke

Because someone remembered that I had done this last year and requested it, here is the podcast.It's dreadful. I don't know what inspired me to start singing -it certainly could not have been heaven- but there you go. If you want to listen as you wrap presents, or whatever, be my guest. … [Read more...]

Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Today is the Feast of the Sacred Heart of JesusI'll let Dr. Pat McNamara clue you into the feast of the Sacred Heart of JesusYour heart pumps about 100,000 times a day to keep your lifeblood flowing through you. For this reason it has become a symbol for our very selves. We say, “I put my heart into it” and “I want that with all my heart.” The heart also is a symbol for love, perhaps because it seems to beat faster when we are in love. The biblical image of the heart means the depth of our se … [Read more...]

Compline & Podcast questions

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air suggested that I put out a feeler and see if some folks would like to get emailed for a headsup whenever I do a podcast. Is that something you would like? Let me know.Also, I am considering recording the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and some Litanies. Interested or would it be a waste of time?Would you like an occasional podcast of the Office of Readings? Or mid-day prayer?New readers - do you know that my very first podcasts were of Compline, the prayer before … [Read more...]

Podcast; Office for the Dead (for Iran)

As I explain in the podcast, after turning alternative media for lack of MSM coverage, and reading tons of material on Iran, and listening to the president's remarks, and reading Twittered Tweets from people in Iran trying to get information and images out of that country, I was already inclined to pray for the people of Iran. Then, after seeing a few horrific videos, and one awful picture (very graphic, you are warned), I have decided to pray the Office for the Dead, for those losing their … [Read more...]

Morning Prayer, June 10

This morning's Podcast of Morning Prayer is a little different than usual; I added the first "Invitator" psalm, which I usually omit. The Invitatory is usually Psalm 95, the "invitation" to come praise the Lord.I recorded this in the wee small hours of the morning, with the window to my office open, so you may hear some birdsong in the background. Morning prayer as it is meant to be prayed, joining in with the re-awakening Creation! I love the song and chatter of our birds.Podcast.Also, … [Read more...]