Vespers for June 4th

I hope this doesn't sound too very rushed, I wanted to make it available for people to download for the commute home!Here is a podcast of Vespers for June 4th. I sound a little breathy, sorry. … [Read more...]

Morning Prayer for June 3

For the Liturgy of the Hours, here is a podcast of Morning Prayer (aka Lauds), the prayer of pure praise.I'm sure many of you will be pleased to learn that this podcast contains no chanting of any kind, not even for the Canticle, as it was done in the wee small hours, and the throat would not bear it! I spare you, today!As usual, I am reading from the Christian Prayer Breviary, published by the Catholic Book Publishing Company; it is the Breviary most commonly used here in the US, and I … [Read more...]

Podcast: Vespers for May 13

On this feast of Our Lady of Fatima, I like this quote from John Vianney, which I actually used just the other day in this compilation:The Father takes pleasure in looking upon the heart of the most holy Virgin Mary, as the masterpiece of his hands…The Son takes pleasure in it as the heart of his Mother, the source from which he drew the blood that has ransomed us. – St. John Vianney (1786-1859)Here is the Podcast for Vespers. Please pardon my rasp. My voice is still strained. … [Read more...]

Podcast; Morning Prayer May 13, Our Lady of Fatima

I hadn't realized it until I went to morning mass, but today is the feastday of Our Lady of Fatima, and the anniversary of the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II.So, here is Morning Prayer, using the Common of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A little late for the Eastern Seaboard, but perhaps useful to those west of whatever.You knew I had to do this for Fatima, right? After all, those Portuguese children did nag me into podcasting all four mysteries of the Holy Rosary!Related: Thoughts … [Read more...]

Podcast: Vespers for Tuesday May 12

For anyone interested, me and my raspy voice in a podcast of Vespers for the day.If like me, you like a cup of coffee after vespers, the price is going to go up!Why am I not surprised. Well, I splurge to get the world's best coffee, anyway. … [Read more...]

Morning Prayer Podcast

Good Morning! It's a new day, and we're going to be up, up, up-and-at-'em all day! In talking with Ed on his radio show yesterday, I realized it was time to get back to these, so here is a podcast of Morning Prayer for today, using the Christian Prayer Breviary, which I love. Please pray with me! We can all use it!Reminder: If you need to update your feedburner subscription, the RSS feed is: Widgets … [Read more...]

Holy Thursday (w/Podcast)

So, this afternoon I had the pleasure of spending some one-on-one time with Buster, who came home from school asking if I wanted to take a drive to Montauk with him, revisit old haunts and eat some blueberry pie, as is our tradition.I worried a little about it. Why would he want to do that - does he have bad news to break to me?But no. He just wanted to retrace old steps, take a look at the very beautiful new church the parish of St. Therese of Lisieux has built in place of its old … [Read more...]

Scripture Podcast, Judas & links – UPDATED

I recorded today's readings from mass, the Isaiah, psalm and Gospel reading are all podcasted here, for any who are interested.From Magnificat Magazine:JudasJudas is the symbol in the human world, as Satan is in the spirit world, of non-being, of self-destruction, of life-refusal. Moved (as seems most probable: we are told in the Gospel that "he was a thief") by an ignoble greed he commits the most ignoble of sins, betraying his master and friend with a kiss; yet even so all need not … [Read more...]

Tenebrae: Thanks to Magnificat Magazine

Tenebrae service at St. John Cantius. 3-19-08I have mentioned Magnificat Magazine a few times in the past, and everyone who has ever subscribed to it via my recommendation has written to say how essential it has become to their prayer life.I must praise it again, particularly as I am going to borrow heavily from it during this Holy Week. If I could, I would just cut-and-paste the whole thing on my site, that's how good it is. But as I can't I can only recommend to you that you consider a … [Read more...]

Morning Prayer for April 3

For anyone who is interested, here is a podcast of morning prayer for Friday, April 3, as we near the end of Lent.Insomniac night, so please pardon the scratchy voice. I was very tired when I put it together.If you are looking for other podcasts, or the Rosaries, I have moved them from the right sidebar to left, for now. I haven't decided whether I like them there, or not.Someone asked me if - for next week and the Triduum - I would podcast some pertinent scripture. I'm thinking about … [Read more...]