No podcasts for a while…

Because someone asked me to, I was going to record a rosary, for iPod use or whatever, but it seems there will be no podcasts for a while. My computer was recently repaired - yes, I really do need a new one, but it's not in the budget - and is now so noisy that there is no way to record anything. Sorry about that. I actually did want to do it, too.Anyhow, if you're interested in past podcasts, you can find them here. If you only want to hear the little "homiliettes" without the prayers, … [Read more...]

Flattered & Blushing linkaround – UPDATED

Amazing footage: US Air Splashdown. Watching those people evacuate is really something. Thank God for good news.As the doorman said, "well, bust my buttons!" It seems Tony Blankley has visited my humble abode and said some very nice things. I'm blushing. No, really. But that was very nice; thanks. I would add that I share the same experience with Blankley; I get the papers and leave them unread because I get it all online. But...we do need our crossword puzzles and our Sudoku's, don't … [Read more...]

Advent Vespers w/talk & prayer

Vespers with the beautiful O Antiphon for the night are podcasted here. My talk afterwards is disjointed and the prayer pretty simple. Please pray for the people I mention - they all need our prayers. I do too.When we pray for others while we're in the midsts of uncertainty and anxiety, ourselves, it helps everyone. The prayee and the pray-or. … [Read more...]

Advent Vespers (Shortened) with Poem

The schedule is a bit mad today and the house a bit full. Here is a "shorter" version of Evening Prayer for which I used today's entry from Magnificat Magazine, which I highly recommend to you, particularly if - like many - the full-length Liturgy of the Hours is just more than your daily schedule can handle.After the prayer, which is substantially shorter than normal Vespers, I read an except from Longfellow's "Introitus" of "The Divine Tragedy" just because I liked it so much. I hope you … [Read more...]

Advent Vespers w talk on Difficult Christmas

First the Advent Conspiracy! H/T Deacon GregVespers for tonight - it's flying by the seat of my pants; I knew what I wanted to say, but didn't write it down, then found the dog and Buster both intruding...if I sound a little disjointed toward the end, it's because as I was trying to speak, Buster was pacing around the desk waiting to show me a gift for his girlfriend. So, I have no idea if this will be any good, but here is the podcast of Vespers for tonight, with a short talk on how … [Read more...]

Vespers for Dec 15, no talk (iTunes UPDATE)

Kind of downer Vespers for today. Not the readings and psalms, they're fine, but I'm not quiet "with it" in this podcast, sorry. No talk, and I even screw up and forget the final blessing, "may the Lord bless us, protect us from all evil, and bring us to eternal life."Vespers for December 15.Sorry. I'll try to do better tomorrow, and the beautiful O Antiphons begin on Wednesday the 17th, so...hang in there. Those are worth tuning in for.If anyone is downloading this via iTunes (I see … [Read more...]

Thank you for your condolences

Please accept my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have left comments or emails of condolences on the passing of my brother John. I have been immensely touched by the prayers, the very kind and thoughtful messages - even by one person painting a nativity set and dedicating St. Joseph - patron of the dying - to John's memory. I have been exceedingly moved by so much generosity of spirit, and pray God blesses all of you, especially in this season of hope.Someone wrote, "Anchoress, this is the … [Read more...]

Compline in Advent w/ ‘homiliette’

The day got away from me today and I ran out of time for Vespers, so I've recorded compline, the prayer to close the night, with an advent/restoration themed "homiliette."In my talk, I call myself an derogatory term, which I am. So, you're warned. If you don't like that word...well...cover your ears! :-)Goodnight. … [Read more...]

Incarnation: "The Mystery IS the Gift…"

Have you ever read something and then said, "damn, I wish I'd written that?I do it frequently, but especially today with this piece, especially, by the renowned skeptic, Vanderleun:Theirs was the Age of Myth; a world where night was not dimmed by the web of lights that now obscures the stars. Their nights were lit by flaring torches, dim oil lamps, guttering candles; by the phases of the moon and the broad shimmering river of the Milky Way. As the sun declined and night ascended, life … [Read more...]

Odds and Ends

Sadly, I'm having all sorts of network issues today and don't know when or if I'll lose connection, today, so here are some quick odds-n-ends:I love this video from Fr. Steve's place. From a Catholic perspective it is silly, sweet, and - because it is so true to what we experience within our Catholic culture, even today - inspiring, as well.From the Christophers: A great story for Christmas - a podcast you'll want to hear about a woman who gave a kidney to a little boy she did not … [Read more...]