The Aurora Shooter: Image of Loss – UPDATED


We all know his name, but I prefer not to use it in a public forum, mostly because his name should not be better known than the names of his victims.I will use it, though, in private prayer.Social media is abuzz that the shooter is in court being arraigned. People are looking at the images and using words like "catatonic", "evil", "empty", "scared".I think he looks lost. Lost boy, lost soul. Knowing nothing at all about him, I can't know if he has snapped out of a psychotic … [Read more...]

“I don’t have to think; Hollywood does it for me!”


And here is what Hollywood tells me to think: Catholics who take their church seriously are foolish, hypocritical and failures in love.Normally, since there is a movie trailer involved, I'd just send you over toward the Deacon's place, to watch it, but since I have something to say, I'll post it here:By the way, we often are foolish, hypocritical and failures in love but that's part of the human condition and nothing exclusive to Catholics.Knowing nothing about this film beyond … [Read more...]

Dick Clark Dies: Cue Boomer Nostalgia

My elder siblings are all much older than I, and they grew up with Dick Clark. There is a famous family story about a squabble that developed between my sister -- who came home from school ready to dance to American Bandstand -- and one of my brothers who probably wanted to watch cartoons. The donnybrook apparently involved black eyes and clothes being thrown out a second story bedroom window.Good times, good times!I'm sure my sister will be thinking about that today as she ponders the … [Read more...]

The New Trinity: Me, Myself and I?

According to the Times' John Tierney, some researchers are concluding that narcissism -- which they apparently define as self-centeredness and a tendency to self-promote -- is on the rise:Two of Dr. DeWall’s co-authors, W. Keith Campbell and Jean M. Twenge, published a book in 2009 titled “The Narcissism Epidemic," which argued that narcissism is increasingly prevalent among young people — and possibly middle-aged people, too, although it’s hard for anyone to know because most of the availab … [Read more...]

True Grit; One Awesome Trailer

I admit, when I heard True Grit was going to be remade, I was uninterested. Then I heard Coen Brothers and Jeff Bridges, and got curious.Then I watched this:Read about it here.This trailer is good too, and the music is haunting.Is that the Peasall Sisters, singing? Seems it is.Why do I get the feeling that T. Bone Burnett is producing the soundtrack, and that it's going to be freaking awesome?And of course, now we gotta listen to Mr. Cash. … [Read more...]

Pimping the Kid Sex – UPDATED

I rarely write on this sort of thing, and until the Elmo/Cleavage matter, I wasn't sure who Katy Perry was, but this tweet brought me to this post applauding Ace O' Spades, which brought me to this piece by Ace, wherein he (who has always differentiated between adult and kid material), gets tough with the sexpot singer for her choice of market target.Katy Perry appeared on Saturday Night Live doing the tiresome Abbreviated-Catholic-School-Uniform-Singing-About-Sex thing that has been done by … [Read more...]

Do you remember "Password?"

Joan Crawford on Password. "The password is 'fun'!"During my elementary-school years, rainy afternoons had their own comfortable routine: if one had to stay indoors, well, at least there were a few game shows and a 4 o' clock movie to distract from homework and chores.My favorite gameshow was Password; celebrities would partner with contestants to guess a "password" by means of the fewest clues. When I was very young, I enjoyed the mysterious out-of-nowhere voice that would stage-whisper … [Read more...]

This gives me hope – UPDATED

I can't say why, exactly, but all of this gives me hope.Clearly, thirty years of access to home video has made everyone pretty comfortable before the cameras. Until now--thanks to Reality TV, I was thinking of that as a net-negative. I am rethinking my position. A society that can handle its devolution with a bit of humor and artistic entrepreneurship gives me hope. You may feel differently. Watch the videos in order:Antoine Dodson, charismatic and with a delivery that lends itself … [Read more...]

"Save the Boomers" Director's Cut

In discussing the Future of Catholicism at Patheos, one essay in particular, Barbara Nicolosi's vent-acular rant on the influence of the Baby Boomers on art and culture, stood out; Save the Boomers, Save the World was the most-read piece of the week.In truth, "Save the Boomers" is a highly-edited version of a much longer piece, which Nicolosi had entitled, "Turn, Turn, Turn," and that piece may now be read in its entirety. … [Read more...]

A Splendid Rant on Boomers!

Barbara R. Nicolosi, Slayer of BoomersAnd today we enter Week 4 of Patheo's summer-long look at the Future of Religion; The Future of Catholicism.Mainline Protestants, you're next, then Evangelicals, then Mormons, and so forth.I can't say I have had much to do with putting the "Catholic" week together, as I have only started working over there these past weeks, while this effort has been in the works, but I think Patheos has put together a pretty provocative group of essays on the subject, … [Read more...]