Rosary for Job-Seekers – UPDATED

UPDATE: I have written an expanded version of these rosary meditations for OSV; you can order pamphlets of it for your church or group, hereReading about these especially horrific numbers and the endless squeezing of the Middle Class, and watching my son--still trying to find a real, full-time job now that the temporary one has ended--brought prayer.Prayer has power. When everything is falling apart, prayer holds. Any one of us can suddenly find ourselves out of work, and looking at … [Read more...]

This is True

An excellent thought on this particular feastday:Only by the power of grace can nature be liberated from its dross, restored to its purity, and made free to received divine life. And this divine life itself is the inner driving power from which acts of love come forth. Whoever wants to preserve this life continually within herself must nourish it constantly from the source whence it flows without end - from the holy sacraments, above all the sacraments of love.To have divine love as its … [Read more...]

Prayer Works! Thank you!

A few weeks ago, I put in an urgent prayer request made by Elder Son's g/f, Kitty:She has just called asking if Anchoress readers will please pray for J, (God knows his name) who is in surgery right now and in a very precarious situation. I can’t tell more, but please pray for J.She texts:The man you had people pray for is alert, talking and should soon be leaving the hospital soon. He needs rehab but is alive; it was close, though. He's been touch and go for a while, but got the news t … [Read more...]

Hitchens and the Subversive Liberty of Prayer

Over at Hot Air, yesterday's quotes of the day were all about the oddly controversial issue of whether or not Christians, or any people of faith, have any business praying for Christopher Hitchens as he battles cancer.The topic has generated a great deal of surprising commentary, even here on this blog; at Hot Air, they are highlighting quotes from Fr. Robert Barron, whose Word on Fire videos i sometimes post here, and from this really excellent exchange between Hitchens and Hugh Hewitt.They … [Read more...]

The Patina of Prayer – UPDATED

SourceCity churches are sometimes quiet and peaceful solitudes, caves of silence where a man can seek refuge from the intolerable arrogance of the business world. One can be more alone, sometimes, in a church than in a room in one's own house. At home, one can always be routed out and disturbed (and one should not resent this, for love sometimes demands it). But in these quiet churches one remains nameless, undisturbed in the shadows, where there are only a few chance, anonymous strangers … [Read more...]

The Hitchens/Prayer Debate

It seems the New York Times has noticed the debate as to whether people of faith should pray for Christopher Hitchens. I like this; it reflects my feelings, exactly:Jeffrey Goldberg, a colleague of Hitchens’s at The Atlantic Monthly, consulted the rabbinical authorities and decided that prayer was O.K. On his blog, Goldberg quoted the advice of David Wolpe, a Los Angeles rabbi who has publicly debated Hitchens on a number of occasions: “I would say it is appropriate and even mandatory to do wh … [Read more...]

Does this Scripture Verse Trouble You?

Dr. Mark D. Roberts recently wrote about Psalm 137:9, a verse which he said makes us most uncomfortable:The verse is "He shall seize and shall dash your children on the rock!" and of it, Robert's writes:How can any part of Scripture seem to celebrate the killing of babies? How in the world are we to make sense of this verse? How can we read it, not to mention pray it, as Christians? Didn’t Jesus call us to love our enemies and forgive them, not smash their babies against the rocks? How are w … [Read more...]


The Psalm-prayer from the third psalm of Lauds (Morning Prayer) spoke to me, today, and invited itself along as my lectio for today--the notion I will return to, throughout the day:Father, the body of your risen Son is the temple not made by human hands and the defending wall of the new Jerusalem. May this holy city, built of living stones, shine with spiritual radiance and witness to your greatness in the sight of all nations.The long road to Jerusalem is all encompassing--the interior … [Read more...]

Hitchens' Challenge – UPDATED

I've been feeling called to pray for him over the past few months, on and offNow, my prayers for him will be daily, on.Hitchens has recently had to cancel speaking engagements discussing his recently released memoir, Hitch-22: A MemoirA look back at a post on this maddening, fascinating and brilliant writer, whose prose I so admire:HITCHENS' WHACK-A-CHRISTIAN DEBATE TOURBecause people know I greatly admire his writing (and often, his reasoning) my email is overflowing with missives … [Read more...]

"I cannot mistrust the grace of God." – UPDATED

Today brings us the feasts of three great saints, a bishop, Paulinus of Nola, and two martyrs, St. John Fisher, and St. Thomas More.Therefore, the day gives us a wealth of choices in the Office of Readings. After the scriptural reading from the first book of Samuel, we can peruse an edifying letter by Paulinus, ("only recently have I begun to breathe in the air of life; only recently have I put my hand to the plough and taken up the cross of Christ. I need to be helped by your prayers to … [Read more...]