Predictions for the next 24 hours…

I ain't sly enough to actually make a prediction on the scale of Ed Morrissey's; he calls for a close race with McCain/Palin squeaking out a win.And - while I agree with her prediction - I won't take Kate's rather easy road on this one; of course she is correct.Okay, here's one prediction I'll make: If McCain/Palin wins, the press and the Dems will stroke out and Obama will play The Ultimate Chutzpah Card and say that at least 14 states (the big ACORN states) must be challenged because "the … [Read more...]

Ohio: A wee Banana Republic?

Yes, an obvious exaggeration, but this Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, needs to lose her job, yesterday.Almost as if she anticipated a court ruling a few hours later, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner promised yesterday to give county elections workers access to a list of possibly problematic voter registrations.She'd been sitting on them, you see. Something like 200,000 of them.She's been told to provide by Friday; says can't do it until Monday at least. Gotta buy … [Read more...]

Vote fraud: The ACORN Breakdown

A few weeks ago, I emailed Jim at Gateway Pundit, who I recall having what seemed like hundreds of links to past ACORN bad-behavior, in terms of voter registration fraud, voter intimidation, vote supression (tire slashing on election day) and more, and I said, "you should put together one large post that has ALL of your ACORN links."He wrote back that it sounded like a good idea, and now he has an approximation of that up at Pajamas Media. I think he has even more links but had no more room … [Read more...]

Reject Socialism?

ACORN - as I believe I predicted some time back - has managed to register 105% of Indianapolis to vote in this election.We knew this election year would be the bold and ripe with fraud. I think I predicted a 105% turnout in St. Louis.Shana's got a new design - short and to the point. I told her she should get some buttons and tee shirts ready to go with the bumpersticker.Her Zazzleshop is here. She has about 5 pages of designs, now.Seems like a good one, particularly in light of … [Read more...]

Vespers – October 01

Well, that was an adventure - got almost to the end of the recording and the dog went beserk at the UPS guy. Hence, a re-do.Here is the podcast for Vespers of the day, once again, the psalms speak eloquently of all we're reading and experiencing elsewhere. Hope they help. If you're using the breviary, the page directives are included.If you're still looking for it, morning prayer. … [Read more...]

Pelosi-Reid Olive Branch to Dubya

Mr. President, as my dog would tell you, don't be a chump. You gotta pull some of those knives out your back.I know Bush honors and respects the Office of the presidency; I know he doesn't want to dishonor it. But to my way of thinking, dealing in "good faith" with those two - this Pelosi, this egregious Reid - is now doing dishonor to that office. It's casting the pearl of the American Presidency before swines.They shove a shiv under your ribs while they smile and smile and be villains. … [Read more...]

Wall Street Woes, Media Meltdown & More – UPDATED

:::Scroll Down for some very cranky updates:::Reducing everything down to base politics: it's what we do! James Pethokoukis, at US News and World Report wonders who Wall Street's woes helps and hurts. I say hurts McCain. Obama is "blaming the government" which is vague and easy for him to do, and also vague and easy for everyone to believe. It's not the smart answer, but it's the savvy one, especially if you've been in DC for only 4 years and have managed to acquire $126,000 from Fan & … [Read more...]

Linking around…

A 9 minute video is usually not my speed, but this one's clever and fast-moving.The light sabers and "Kentucky Fried Analogy" cracked me up. (H/T Bookworm, who features another - succinct and entertaining - vid by one of the players, here.) I don't know who this guy is, but he's smart, charismatic as hell, and has beautiful eyes and a great smile.Bookworm is also calling olly-olly-oxen-free to "secret conservatives" in Marin County and elsewhere.It's a sad thing, isn't it, when … [Read more...]

Astrologers and scary Bush

A reader sent me this story:Forget about Tuesday's votes in Oregon and Kentucky. Barack Obama has won the Cosmic Primary and is destined to be the next president of the United States.Seven leading astrologers consulted their charts and came to the unanimous conclusion, which they shared Tuesday at the United Astrology Conference in Denver...the seven panelists shared a sense of foreboding.No kidding, did they really? I would venture to say that many, many Americans have a shared sense of … [Read more...]

200,000 Condoms & some comments

Write a letter, save a life! The easiest task you'll have all day!Priorities in order, the UN sends 200,000 condoms to Myanmar, which the government has accepted. Perhaps those poor people can inflate them, tie them together and float out of there on them. (Margaret Cabaniss gives helpful links to Caritas International and Catholic Relief Services.)Demilitarizing America: it's the Smart-Obama thing to do. He's sounding dumber and dumber to me, and I'm sorry but doesn't he seem almost as … [Read more...]