Turning on a Dime: From Chick Flicks to Purgatory


 Fill in for The Anchoress?  Cool!So just out of the gate, what do I do?  Talk about chick flicks.  Talk about crying, for Pete’s sake!Just in case I haven’t completely lost you big burly types (I mean guys), let me take a minute to wax philosophical.  I spent some time last year stewing about Purgatory, and I’d love to hear what YOU think.    PURGATORY AND PRESUMPTION:  Please Don’t Forget to Pray for Me Let’s play a game. Let’s imagine you’re dead.  You ate a rotten peanut, … [Read more...]

Lost: Yes, Purgatory – UPDATED

I find it amusing to see how many words a co-worker of Julie's has to use to avoid the word "Purgatory":Then he said, it was like a halfway house between life and death where you had to be so you could sort out everything that was true about your life and see it with complete clarity.Or, as Julie responds, "Yes, Purgatory!"Speaking of Julie, I love that she sends us to places like this.Allahpundit: Never watched it; here is what he thinks.Joe Carter: The Unnecessary Christ of … [Read more...]

"The Father of So Many Tears…"

Because I am a distracted and disorganized fool, I had not stopped by Julie's website in a few days, and I missed the news that her father had passed away.Julie's father was a determined atheist who wanted no part of God, and in the past year she has written many moving posts about her prayers that his heart might be touched and turned. I urge you to read her "Family" category when you have some time to spend, to see what she learned and how things progressed for many, during that time.As I … [Read more...]