Pelosi Doesn't Know from St. Joseph

I'm sorry. Almost nothing that has come from this woman's mouth has infuriated me like this.This woman is a profound grotesque who gets virtually everything wrong here, from what feastday it is, to the kinds of Catholic religious sisters supporting her monster's bastard of a bill.Note, because it is important in the face of her stupidity, her mendacity, her slander and her willingness to use any-and-all means to achieve her ends, the Catholic sisters who vehemently oppose this health care … [Read more...]

Old and New On the Square's

"On the Square" is, of course, the featured daily article of First Things Online, and I am remiss in that I had intended to link to the Ronald E. Osborn two-parter posted on Monday and Tuesday. Entitled Obama’s Niebuhrian Moment, it is a long and rather magnificent exposition of the influence of Reinhold Niebuhr on President Obama, as exposed in his Nobel-Prize acceptance speech.In his December 10, 2009, Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, President Barack Obama offered a vigorous defense of … [Read more...]

Pelosi to Bishops: drill your brains?

Wait, that can't be right. Nancy Pelosi cannot have respond to the rather heavy dose of correction she received from various and sundry Bishops and Cardinals, some of her colleagues in Congress and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops with an offer to drill their brains, right?Oh, wait! I see! She asked some of the "Drill here, drill now" people chanting in Colorado if she could drill their brains. Which seems like a strange remark - what does it mean, actually? Is she saying these … [Read more...]

If it's Tuesday…

...I'm not in Belgium, but I'm probably itching to get home. Not exactly a world-traveler type. Although I've always wondered about visiting Ephesus.Bethlehem Crypt at St. Mary Major, burial spot of the fascinating St. JeromeToday is the day we remember the Dedication of St. Mary Major Basilica, in Rome. When I was a little girl the nuns told us it was built to honor the naming of Mary as the Theotokos: the God-bearer.Here is what my breviary says about it: After the Council of Ephesus … [Read more...]

Answers, Questions, Religion & Politics

A Salesian Priest with a new blog sends me this link - I thought it was a terrific video, but I couldn't shake the notion that this young priest looks (and sounds) like a young, fluffy-beared Tom Cruise:Q: So, any truth to the rumor that Pope Benedict's trip to the US may result in more priestly and religious vocations?A: Maybe. In the Midwest and South, the Catholic church is showing good numbers in both areas, but the coasts are suffering from a dearth of applicants. God certainly … [Read more...]

Answers & Questions Again

I started doing this back in April, and for some reason people like this Q&A format and keep asking for more, and more,'s more.Q: Anchoress, you wrote a frivolous piece about your soul and coffee; does that mean you're feeling better?A: Praise God, yes, I am finally emerging from my exhausted fog and my numbers this morning were markedly better. Thanks for your kind notes and prayers (which always leave me touched and humbled.) If this is the worst thing going on in my life, … [Read more...]

Rudy, Novak, etc, (cont.)

Continuing the Q&A started here, although these questions become less about Giuliani as they go on...Q: But Giuliani is an abortion supporter! There is no doubt about the state of his soul!A: There's always doubt about the state of someone's soul, but let's look at that for the moment. Rudy is a politician and he is "pro-choice", but he does not currently hold office and - since he has never been either a legislator or a judge - his political stance has not in any way involved him in … [Read more...]

Rudy, Novak & taking Communion

I wasn't going to write about this because - while I know it gets a lot of Catholic blood running - I can't get that excited about it.SOME CLARIFICATION FOR THOSE WILLFULLY MISREADING ME: That does not mean I do not CARE about the issue. It simply means that I think we've all managed at times to insult and offend the Lord in various ways, and sometimes Eucharistically, and so I prefer to leave the scolding to the ones who seem most comfortable with it. While I've often been called a … [Read more...]

Questions in the Blogosphere III

Q: Anchoress, if someone tells you that you cannot be credibly pro-life until you adopt a sick baby, and then you go out and adopt a sick baby (and then a second) and that person - who promised to become "pro-life" if you did it - never kept his end of the bargain, what does that mean?A: It means you can't form a conscience in fits and starts. You cannot become "pro-life" because of what someone else does, unless you are really willing to let their actions open up within you what you have … [Read more...]

Jesus in the Eucharist – UPDATED

Poster available at catholicposter.comI'm actually working on a piece answering various questions/rants that were sent my way during Benedict's visit, but I haven't had time yet to really put it together. But first and foremost I can answer this one question, which I was asked several times:Do you really, truly, actually believe that Jesus is Present - physically present - in the Eucharist?Oh, yes. Why shouldn't God - who can raise the dead and walk on water - be able to do … [Read more...]