Rosary & Divine Mercy: Those repetitive prayers

ViaSeven times a day I praise you for your just decrees. -- Psalm 119: 164Got an email from a lady I've never corresponded with before - she seems very nice - and she says she's lately more amenable than she was to the idea that Catholics really are Christians, mostly thanks to our splendid popes, John Paul II and Benedict XVI, and to some of the Catholic bloggers she's come across in her reading.She did have one serious problem with us "besides Mary, who I feel less concerned … [Read more...]

On confession

As Voltaire said:'Repentance for our faults can alone take the place of innocence, and that, to show ourselves repentant, we must begin by declaring them.' Few Catholic customs have been subjected to greater criticism than that of going to Confession. One can do no better than to initiate this discussion with the sneering comment of George Bernard Shaw to G.K Chesterton after his conversion: 'Your portly kneeling figure' in the confessional would be 'incredible, monstrous, comic.' More … [Read more...]

Advent and Antiphons through the years…

On this day, last year, this is where I was at - still thinking of Advent and what it means, but under very different circumstances.It is amazing how fast time goes by, how our days pass almost in a blur unless we stop to take stock. And it's also amazing how much my mutton-chopped, exceedingly loud 16 year old has taught me. And how much my brother is teaching me, still.Some of my Evangelical friends have wondered to me, via email, what the purpose is, of the Liturgical Year - why we … [Read more...]

Explaining what Catholics believe

This is a very well-done explanation of what Roman Catholics believe about the Holy Eucharist, that it is, for us, the Body and Blood of Christ, and not merely symbolism.I have never seen this site, Northwestern Winds, before, but I like! Here they have some snarky fun with the recent spate of women taking to the high seas to for some in-your-face ordinations.Found via Happy Catholic. … [Read more...]

Tina Brown: Our Lady of the Air Kiss

I don't know when I have read a snottier, snobbier, more relentlessly superficial, arrogant and bigoted piece of dreck than Tina Brown's latest column in the Washington Post, Reverence Gone Up In Smoke.Sigh...what a disappointment for Tina and her pals - amid all of that glorious color and pomp of a papal funeral and a conclave, the solemn beauty of the chant, the whole mystical and mysterious sense of Other - they'd become attracted, mildly so, but attracted, nevertheless, to the whole … [Read more...]

Jaw-droppingly stupid and offensive

Dana over at North Shore Politics writes "although I am not even a practicing Catholic, I was offended by it."By what? This statement made this morning on ABC news:What our viewers will notice is that, among these 115 cardinals, who are wearing what looks like women's garb, that there are no women. That is something the next pope is going to have to address.Says Dana: I was disgusted by that. How disrespectful for one (thing) and pompous for another.I thought it was a stupid, … [Read more...]

Why wasn’t JPII put into the ground in a simple shroud

Since today is 3 years since the very affecting funeral of John Paul II, thought I'd repost:An email from a reader:I'm asking this because I think you will answer me respectfully. The service today was beautiful but wasn't it too much? Jesus was buried in a simple shroud, and he was God. What we saw today bordered on idolatry. I have no problems with Catholics, I do believe you are Christians, but I think you are misguided on this.Sigh. Really, I am NOT an apologist. I have no energy for it, … [Read more...]

I guess I missed those orgies at Mass…

Got a pleasant email from a reader who had some questions for me about what Catholics do and do not believe. Growing up, this person heard some odd stories about Catholics, including the interesting tidbit that we had orgies at Holy Mass which, to this reader's credit, was not believed. I was really happy to answer the questions put forth, and the reader suggested I blog the answers, because others might have the same questions.So, in the interest of furthering understanding between Catholics … [Read more...]

Do Catholics really NEED to be Catholic?

I am the luckiest blogger in the world, I think, because the folks who comment, or who email, tend not to be troll-ish or mean (except for whoever sent me that virus, and I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!) and when they do differ with me, they usually do it thoughtfully. One such reader - agnostic - wondered what was so great about Catholicism, and didn't I think that God - if God exists - would be the same regardless of the existence of the Catholic Church, without its … [Read more...]