John Allen; definitive on Benedict, Scandals

The great John Allen, perhaps the best English-language reporter on the Vatican beat, does yeoman's work in three different articles, to which I am linking today. Allen takes knowledgeable, sometimes devastating but always fair looks at Pope Benedict XVI and the crisis that has engulfed him over the past few weeks and has come to -rather unjustly- define his papacy.None of these pieces is fun to read. All of them are thoughtful, instructive and very valuable, particularly to anyone who wants … [Read more...]

To recreate you!

"God needs only a lodging point in you, an infinitesimal point of truth on which to build your conversion wit his power. To recreate you! Only the power of God can recreate you, but he needs a point, just one point of truth in you...this infinitesimal point of truth in you lies in the sincerity of your entreaty, and that's all." -- Msgr Luigi Giussani … [Read more...]

Quote of the Day

Appropos of nothing, except I liked it:"...sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds because it has more to prove." - Terry Pratchett, The TruthVery true. … [Read more...]