The Pinnacle: slim, sharp & lonely

Catching up on all the stories since I have been away and I must have missed this one when it broke - the header: Democrat: Republicans hate ObamaCare because they’re racists. Also, Castro’s a genius.The Democrat is Rep. Diane Watson (D-California). Watson is both African-American and female, so she is speaking from the fake ledge of "absolute moral authority" which was once the province of Cindy Sheehan until she stopped being a useful bat for to beat around the Bush, with. From Watson's led … [Read more...]

"The narrative WILL be maintained…" -UPDATE

A terrific spiel by Bill Whittle - a nice history lesson and forbidden logic to boot. It's 13 minutes long. Don't miss it.UPDATE: Don't miss this: Another example of how narratives are maintained. But you know that's one of my pet peeves, right - how the press reports on presidents with differing letters after their names?Although I don't hear "the recession is over", anymore. Do you?I don't know how we're supposed to believe in anything, trust anything or have faith in anything the … [Read more...]

Klavan, "Health" Panels & Goldsteins – UPDATED

I'm still in a retreat after-glow that has me only half attending to the world around me, and I am still pushing politics away in the manner of a King's daughter being offered boiled tripe: "- ewww, away with that!"But this piece by Andrew Klavan floated across my email and by the second paragraph I wished I'd written it. It needs a deft touch, though, and can't you just see the movie version?...the logic of this moment was inevitable. Once government got its fingers on the health-care … [Read more...]

Obama, "no excuses," Boxer inexcusable – UPDATED

I like this clip of President Obama speaking forcefully and passionately, and I think, from the heart, about teaching our children to expect more from themselves.Embedded video from CNN VideoObama is speaking to the NAACP, but his message is pertinent to all of America, where we spend a lot of time telling our children how "special" they are, but don't re-inforce that message by allowing them to really discover their uniqueness and individual genius by offering enough daily challenges and … [Read more...]

Defending Nuns, Popes, Freedom, Life…

Some interesting pieces and subjects that I have been too busy to post on this week, but really wanted to share with you:Fr. James Martin - author of one of the best Catholic autobiographical books in the last 50 years and a longtime friend of this blog - is in many ways the perfect go-to voice of "reasonable, palatable Catholicism" for many in the media (and he is a very genial, bright and exceedingly reasonable, fair-minded fellow). At big Catholic events like Papal Visits and Archbishop … [Read more...]

"…I prayed my way into thinking."

This I understand."The truth is that I did not think my way into praying. I prayed my way into thinking." - David P. Goldman, writing in First Things.Goldman gives a masterful exposition on why he wrote undercover as "Spengler" and looks at his journey into Jewishness, into becoming a prayerful, thinking, religious Jew.I recognize myself in some of what Goldman writes. I too blogged anonymously while writing freelance, and yes, coming out did have me pulling my punches a little at first, … [Read more...]

America goes truly post-racial

Ann Althouse asks an interesting question: Why isn't Obama that far ahead?I have no idea what any of it means, or how next week will turn out - how can anyone project anything in the face of voter "registration" fraud, whackadoo polling and an in-the-tank media?But all of this uncertainty - all of these "narrowing" polls are proving one beautiful thing, definitively: that America actually is more post-racial than most realize.Think about it. Obama can't break 50%. Neither could Kerry, … [Read more...]

McCain Volunteer attacked & maimed? UPDATED

Well, the blogosphere is all abuzz (even if the national, mainstream media seem not to be) about this alleged attack on a 20-year old McCain volunteer, which started out as a mugging, and - perhaps - became an assault and "branding."Glenn Reynolds says: this is so serious that I predict it will get almost one-tenth as much national coverage as something some guy may have yelled at a Palin rally once.I did not jump on the story because I'm a New Yorker and my first thought was: Tawana … [Read more...]

ACORN, Media & the Angry Right

We're watching the press out-and-out lie in its reportage. We're watching YouTube censor what may negatively impact their man. Networks will sell 1/2 chunks of airtime to the Obama campaign, but will not run an ad by his critics. Ann Althouse notes that basic accurate transcription appears to be beyond the press' capability.No wonder the GOP rank-and-file are edgy, and angry. They know what "free speech" is. They've been gritting their teeth and respecting the first amendment for the last … [Read more...]

Why He's Voting for McCain/Palin

I love this fellow - his videos are all great. He's smart, lively, charismatic and courageous as hell. This 9.5 minute riff is astounding. He covers all the bases from the spurious, politically expedient, manipulative, baseless and contrived charges of racism (because it is racist to tell the truth about Obama, if it's not "positive", you know) to Pamela Anderson (made me laugh out loud) to liberal "open-mindedness" and absolutely throws down the gauntlet, challenging liberals, and … [Read more...]