Newsflash: Barack Obama is Bi-Racial

Bookworm writes that the Democrats are accusing the GOP of speaking in "code" about Barack Obama's race. Apparently Kathleen Sebelius (who, like Pontius Pilate is a GOVERNOR - [gasp!] - but of KANSAS, not Jerusalem [sigh!]) said this: ”Have any of you noticed that Barack Obama is part African-American?” Sebelius asked with sarcasm. “(Republicans) are not going to go lightly into the darkness.”Ed Morrissey sees that since then, someone in the press has seen fit to "clean up" that quote, but he … [Read more...]

Side-by-side Gibson questions & more…

It is indisputably a good thing to ask a possible future Vice President tough and substantive questions. What is bothering many (my email is bulging) is the seeming unwillingness of the press to subject a possible future President to the same rigorous examination.Bill from Ahwatukee Musings passed this along to me, from a Hillary Clinton forum, of all places. I don't know anything about the writer, Nancy Kallitechnis, but she makes some interesting observations about the difference between … [Read more...]

Meyer: Americans, feel pride re Obama!

Dick Meyer, writing over at NPR (when we all know he should be out there promoting his excellent book, Why We Hate Us) says we as a nation - regardless of our political affiliations or which way we're voting - should feel proud, tonight, to watch an African American be declared the official presidential nominee of a major political party.I would hope that as voters listen to Obama's acceptance speech and watch his campaign, they will do so with pride no matter how they ultimately vote. And I … [Read more...]

Linking around…

A 9 minute video is usually not my speed, but this one's clever and fast-moving.The light sabers and "Kentucky Fried Analogy" cracked me up. (H/T Bookworm, who features another - succinct and entertaining - vid by one of the players, here.) I don't know who this guy is, but he's smart, charismatic as hell, and has beautiful eyes and a great smile.Bookworm is also calling olly-olly-oxen-free to "secret conservatives" in Marin County and elsewhere.It's a sad thing, isn't it, when … [Read more...]

Obama, the 527 lie (oh, and racism!)

I hadn't been paying much attention to Sen Barack Obama's "flip-flip" on agreeing to use public funds for campaigning. I hadn't thought of it in terms of Obama's rhetoric of "change" and I suspect that for many American's the issue seems like the standard "second tier" sort of lie all politicians tell, the sort of lie we have learned - as this Rasmussen poll demonstrates - to let roll off our backs.Ed Morrissey opened my eyes this morning, though, by quoting Mark Shields' dismay at Obama's … [Read more...]

Mama, we're all racists, now?

Bookworm has decided that since it appears that over the next few months he/she will be called a de facto racist for not voting for Obama, it's time to beat them to the smackdown...or...smackdown their planned beating:As for me, because I'm preemptively being defined as a racist (since I most certainly won't vote for Obama), I've decided to step up to the plate and embrace that definition. From here on in, I've got my mantra.When I vote against Obama on November 4, 2008:* It won't be … [Read more...]

200,000 Condoms & some comments

Write a letter, save a life! The easiest task you'll have all day!Priorities in order, the UN sends 200,000 condoms to Myanmar, which the government has accepted. Perhaps those poor people can inflate them, tie them together and float out of there on them. (Margaret Cabaniss gives helpful links to Caritas International and Catholic Relief Services.)Demilitarizing America: it's the Smart-Obama thing to do. He's sounding dumber and dumber to me, and I'm sorry but doesn't he seem almost as … [Read more...]

Color-blind Bush, Racist Hillary? – UPDATED

Things certainly seem upside down all over, don't they? Looking over pictures of the Bush wedding this past weekend, someone commented that the Clinton's would never have had a private wedding without the press,"but if they did, they'd still make sure every story mentioned that the preacher marrying the couple was African-American. The Clinton's never, ever missed an opportunity to pander or play the race card, although in such a case, it would be seen as noble, rather than racist. But the … [Read more...]

The Sheehaning of Jeremiah Wright?

Here is an interesting thought, but I must confess it comes not from me, but from a reader, Diane S, who reminded me of this piece (which I am reposting here) and wondered whether Jeremiah Wright, "in the thick of a white-hot media spotlight" is falling prey to the same destructive disease of ego expansion that has struck and deranged others.I think perhaps Wright is not under the same spell. I have no doubt that he is enjoying the attention and his new-found prominence, but I don't think he … [Read more...]

Clintons behind Wright/media saturation? UPDATED

AJ Strata has an interesting link up over at his site - one that, if the thing pans out - suggests that it was a Clinton operative who invited Jeremiah Wright to (disastrously) address the National Press Club.AJ wonders if Wright has been bought off by the "old school" black democrats - paid to essentially destroy Obama's campaign - and what the price was.I initially did not believe that. I thought of Wright as a simple exhibitionist unable to resist the lure of bright lights and headlines … [Read more...]