Sarah Palin on Oprah – UPDATES

Okay, I broke down and watched Oprah Winfrey interview Sarah Palin.Color me underwhelmed. By both women.It was like watching two lightly muzzled Doberman Pinschers, behaving because they have to, but with an undergrowl that translates, roughly, into "if we're ever alone together in the yard, you're going down..."Oprah needed Palin for the ratings; Palin needed Oprah to push the book, Going Rogue; An American Life. Both endured hour of excruciating discomfort for the sake of their … [Read more...]

"How They Hated Bush" & other things

Someone sent this video to me with the comment, "illustrates how the press despised Bush. How they hated him!"Well, duh. Of course they did. They spent 7 years doing their very best to make sure that everyone else hated him, too, and yes, they succeeded. Not saying Bush's own errors didn't help it along, but the non-stop (sometimes untrue, frequently unfair and almost always unwarranted and disproportionate) pounding given Bush, 24/7 by every media outlet -news, books, sitcoms, films- … [Read more...]

Limbaugh, Jeb Bush & Reagan

Was moving around this morning and picking up Rush Limbaugh in the car. He had some interesting things to say. In talking about Obama's notion of what constitutes "sacrifice," Limbaugh intoned, (I am paraphrasing) "sacrifice is only sacrifice when it is voluntary. Otherwise it is compulsion."I've been saying that for a long time.There is an enormous difference between a few dozen people voluntarily giving up their worldly goods for communal living, and forcing people to participate in … [Read more...]