Deacon Greg calls it “the best” Irish Soda Bread Recipe


Actually, he calls it the The Best. Soda Bread. Ever.The recipe also received a thumbs up from this blogger I don't even know, so that's nice.Irish Soda Bread is really nothing more than a delicious butter-delivery-system. Since I've just taken a batch from the oven, I figure it's time to share my mother-in-law's recipe, once again:4 c sifted flour 1 1/2 tsps baking soda 1 tsp salt 3/4 c sugar 1 c raisins (or cranberries for a nice change. Or both!) 2 tblspns melted butter 2 … [Read more...]

Cream Puffs and Bourbon-berries: Our Traditional Recipe Swap


One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is becoming the annual recipe swap between Ace O' Spades HQ's Gabriel Malor and me, and our readers, too!In the past we've covered quick noshes, like Spiced Nuts, veggie side-dishes like Squash Stuffing, Roasted Parsnips and Apples, Turnips and Carrots (my personal favorite!), and desserts like Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip and Italian Rainbow Cookies.This year, Gabriel is offering Bourbon-berries "in lieu of the traditional can-shaped cranberry sauce" … [Read more...]

Beer Makes Wonderfully Fluffy Vegan Muffins!

pumpkin beer muffins

Attempting, yesterday, to make a Vegan snack/dessert sort of thing, I found some carrot cake mix in my pantry, and a 15 ounce can of pumpkin puree.I love pumpkin, and thought mixing the two would be a nice idea -- add some pumpkin pie spice, some cinnamon (maybe some walnuts) -- it would omit the need for eggs or oils, which always confuse me. Did you know Canola oil is a Canadian blend?Anyway, the box mix and the pumpkin made a very thick unmanageable batter I could barely bring the … [Read more...]

Light, Lovely Meringue Cake

meringue cake

REPOSTED FROM November 2006, captured thanks to Wayback Machine:Okay, instead of working, I wrote up the Thanksgiving menu, and since we’re having Many Appetizers (I married an Italian!) and Tortellini Soup (I talked him out of Lasagna) Turkey, Ham, Granny’s Sausage Stuffing (egad…so good), a gazillion vegetables, sweet potato pie and fruit, I thought maybe dessert should be light.This recipe suits the bill -- a lovely light buttery cake with meringue and whipped cream, yum. Some peop … [Read more...]

St. Joseph’s Day Pastry!

317-saint joseph

Today is the feast of Saint Joseph, and there are lots of good pieces around, discussing the great husband of Mary and step-father of Jesus. There are a lot of Joseph's in New York. In our family we have Joe, Joseph, Joey, and so forth, and they're all gleefully awaiting supper, so they can enjoy Sfingi (pronounced sfINgy) for dessert!Basically, a Sfingi Di San Giuseppe is like a cannoli, but instead of a tubal cookie, the ricotta creme (or custard if you prefer) is served in a pâte à c … [Read more...]

Our Annual Thanksgiving Recipe Exchange!


For the last few years, Ace O' Spades' Gabriel Malor and I have made a point of exchanging recipes just before Thanksgiving -- it's a fun little way of finding something new to bring to the table. This year, Gabriel is offering a quick-and-easy recipe for Spiced Nuts, which he declares is something that can be put together "while watching kids!"And my contribution this year: Roasted Parsnips and Apples:To serve 4: 1 1/2 pounds parsnips (about 5 med-sized), peeled 1 pound Gala (or … [Read more...]

Mexican Meat Loaf

A while back, I mentioned on twitter that I was making a "Mexican Meat Loaf" recipe of my own design.Requests for the recipe came fast and furious and some are still asking for it, three months later.The problem is, since it's just something I throw together, I really don't have measurements for you. But it's kind of wet and rainy over here, and a little cool -- good weather for meatloaf, so here goes:You'll notice the hard-boiled egg in the illustration above. My husband's mother always … [Read more...]

Fast, Delicious Coconut Curry Chicken

Found this recipe in a magazine that I never subscribed to but somehow landed in my mailbox, and made it last night to family raves.It was really, really fast, really easy and really good! I'm only sorry I didn't take a pic to show you, but shredded coconut is pretty enough!3 Tbsp. butter, melted 1 c flaked coconut, unsweetened if you can get it, but sweetened will do 2 tsp. curry powder (I used more because we like curry) 4 boneless chicken breast halves (6 oz, approx) 1/4 tsp salt 1 cup … [Read more...]

Conflicted about Corapi story – UPDATED

I mean, on one hand, I'm really tired of the story, but if I don't link to the latest I'll hear "so, the Black Sheepdog (people actually call him that) responded to SOLT, and you didn't have the guts to link to him!"And if I do link to him, I'll hear, "why don't you stop writing about Corapi and get a life?"To me, the "special announcement" that was announced a few days ago and has finally dropped is a bit of a yawn-and-shrug; it seems more interesting for what it does not say, and does not … [Read more...]

Italian Rainbow Cookies & Squash Stuffing!

As we have for the past couple of years, Gabriel Malor from Ace O'Spades HQ and I are exchanging Thanksgiving recipes. This year, Gabriel is featuring a delicious-sounding Squash Stuffing.Gabriel notes that last year, we had our dishes reversed, with me looking for new veggie recipes while he was looking for the sweets. That stuffing recipe really does sound swell! I'm a sucker for sour cream!What's nice about doing this--aside from the inter-blog sharing--is that these sorts of posts … [Read more...]