I hate Ree Drummond

This woman is killing me.I hate her hate her hate her.I want that cake.I am famous around here for not much liking cake.I want that cake. I love milk. I love sweet milk. I love cream. I love all milk by-products. My middle name should be Leche. I could be Lizzie Leche.I hate Ree Drummond. She eats this stuff and remains thin.But, oh, My family loves Ree Drummond.This horrible woman has a cookbook coming out in October, and I have already ordered mine and plan to give some as … [Read more...]

Rib eye steak, onion, bleu cheese

Okay, a few days ago I showed you a recipe that sounded incredible.Two recipes, in fact, Ree Drummond's Rib Eye Steak w/ Onion and Bleu Cheese and her Monkey Bread.Since I had to go food shopping yesterday and the rib-eyes were both on sale and cut just right (I prefer thin to thick), I went ahead and bought them, bought the onions, heavy cream and cheese.Oh. My. GAWD.It was one of those meals where the family is silent except for groans of pleasure. I asked Elder Son whether he said … [Read more...]

Holy Moses, this looks fantastic! – UPDATED

Once again, Pioneer Woman has my mouth watering. Go check it out!And no, don't tell me...Monkey Bread!Repeat after me. Ree is an evil, evil, pioneer woman.UPDATE: In other news via Althouse: Your large thighs may protect your heart! … [Read more...]

Spicy Roasted Chicken Legs

So, I picked up chicken legs and a nice marinade on Saturday, put them in the meat drawer thingy and planned to make them tonight. The chicken legs were well within their "sell by" date, and my fridge is nice and cold but as soon as I opened the packaging...ewwwww...By the time I got done exchanging them at the store, the marinating idea was over; I needed something fast.Who do you turn to when you need a fast recipe, broken down, simplified, and illustrated well enough to make you drool … [Read more...]

Make these potatoes tonight!

They look super-delish and easy, and I am hoping to make them tonight, too!Pioneer Woman is one of my favorite blogs that I hardly ever get a chance to read. Recipes, photographs, True Confessions and more - you can spend hours at this site.I passed the potato-bundle recipe on to some friends and one wrote back, "did you read her latest confession?"So I did read it. Oh, my.It's nice to know other people besides me are better off not being allowed out in public. Poor Ree; I totally … [Read more...]

Porting over to First Things…

...and what a long, strange trip it's been! The very kind and generous fellow who was in charge of bringing me in to First Things (where I have been warmly introduced, although I've been unable to respond) has spent the last 8 hours -literally, 8 hours- trying to talk me through my small part in this techno-endeavor. I had warned him early on that I was a pathetic techno-idiot who needed to be instructed in babyspeak as much as possible, but he insisted on treating me like an adult, so we … [Read more...]

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara, Oh my!

So, last night I hit that wall all of us mothers hit, from time-to-time, and just could not think of a single thing I actually wanted to cook or to eat for supper.My Elder Son wondered what I had in mind, and if anything I was planning could be well-served with a generous slathering of Monastery Mustard, which he was craving."I got nothing," I said. "I'm out of ideas and can't bear the idea of cooking chicken again this week. Why don't you think of something.""Home-made pizzas?" he … [Read more...]

Feeding Body and Brain

I'm adding two new blogs to the blogroll and wanted to introduce them to you.First up, feed the body...I'm seriously thinking about making this Pasta Prima Vera recipe for tomorrow, even if it will kill me.Reader Dick T. introduced me to the Pioneer Woman and I curse him for it, even as I laugh. But really - she does wonderful recipes, often with step-by-step illustrations, and she's a riot to read, as well. Reading her is like reading Rachel Lucas, if Rachel could cook.When you're done … [Read more...]

Macaroni and Cheese-a-palooza

Buster is visiting from college for a few days and when I asked if there was anything special he wanted me to cook he cocked the eyebrow and said, "it's Lent. Friday is coming. What else but Macaroni and Cheese?"In our family, mac and cheese is a pretty simple affair, but people go mad for it; a few weeks ago the kids had a party here and the buffet menu had to include mac & cheese, which was the first tray to empty.What's lovely about this is it is creamy, and you can add anything … [Read more...]

Fridays in Lent

Meatless. We get into the Lenten fare. Fish. Beans and Macaroni (my Elder Son relishes the "pastafazoole"). Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup! Irish Soda Bread! (A slightly different recipe here).And we get together to pray The Way of the CrossJesus Meets His Mother, shamelessly cribbed from Deacon GregDeacon Greg writes about how his parish does this.The Way of the Cross is a challenging and exhilarating devotion. It is sad and mournful. And it makes the knees ache as … [Read more...]