“Can you do a Brandy Alexander Pie?”

"Can I do anything?"Have you ever said those words, without thinking? Someone gives you some bad news and you gasp and say, "Oh, no! Is there anything I can do?"You mean it when you ask it...and usually you mean, "is there anything I can do RIGHT NOW, to help?"But there is also an expectation that when you ask, "is there anything I can do?" The answer will be "thanks for asking, no, there is nothing anyone can do, but if you could keep us in your prayers..."And that's easy to do. I … [Read more...]

At the dinner table when fasting

So, this is what happens when you are fasting but you still have to cook supper. You find a new recipe for chicken that sounds good and you make it.And the suppertime conversation goes like this:Hubby: What is this?Me: It's a new recipe. It sounded good.Buster: Mom...you're fasting. Everything sounds good to you right now.Me: It's not good?Hubby: Um...no. Not really. It's okay...but...please don't ever make this again. Ever.Buster: I hate to say it, but this kinda … [Read more...]

Because I cannot share these with my brother,

I'll share my normally top-secret-never-share-it-with-anyone recipes with you folks.My brother is unaccountably lingering, but sleeping more and more. He went from chopped food to puree'd food to basically liquids, but he is too sleepy to take much in. When we visit him now, the visits are very quiet. Most times, he doesn't wake up at all, and the three or four hours we spend at his bedside are spent reading to him, or watching television, or chatting with nurses. Last night, S was awake for a … [Read more...]