Basilica Santa Sabina – UPDATED

Okay, I'll be writing about Rome, and posting pictures for a while--my husband took over 1,000 pictures, thank you, digital cameras!--and I need to write a thorough and public thank you to Danielle and Simcha and Sally for their terrific work while I've been gone, but I know some of you are waiting, so here are a few pictures. On Saturday, after a great deal of nagging from Sr. Mary Catharine, over at Moniales OP, we finally made our way slightly off the beaten path, to the Aventine hill and … [Read more...]

Everyone in Rome Says "Hi!"

Atop St. John Lateran ChurchMany pilgrims ascending the Scala Sancta on their knees; this was beyond my ability, but I did kneel for a longish time and tried to recall everyone's intentions. … [Read more...]