How McCain can win election tonight – UPDATED

Not my idea, but offered up in an email, by reader Gary S: Promise the American people that if he is elected, he will appoint Rudy Giulliani as Attorney General and his first order of business will be to investigate, indict and prosecute all those involved in any wrong doing in the sub-prime mortgage debacle, from Wall Street, to K Street to Main Street.Not a bad idea, at all. I've got more thoughts on McCain's Do-or-Die below.UPDATE: Turbo the political dog shows his preferences. … [Read more...]

Liveblogging the Palin Speech

Okay, as earlier today, just keep scrolling down -latest posts will be on top. Althouse also live blogging as is Melissa Clouthier More here.First remarks from the Obama team is weak - very weak - "Her speech was written for her." Wow. THAT has never been true of any politician before! I think the Obama camp must be worried, so they're doing what Democrats always do when they're worried, they're going after George W. Bush (Hypothetically) Full Text of Speech here She hit a home run; … [Read more...]

Palin brings GOP Flavor in '08 – UPDATED

Last night, my Li'l Bro Thom and I were wondering about McCain's pick and I said, "it has to be Palin, the GOP cannot put McCain and some boring middle-manager type against Obama. Obama is too glamorous; he's so glamorous that he could afford put Biden on his ticket, because he didn't need more glamor! Palin, please! She's smart, she's feisty, she has at least as much experience as Obama, and hers is executive, she can speak without a teleprompter, and she will bring energy to the whole … [Read more...]

Things to read while my car gets fixed!

My car is giving me trouble, so while I'm chatting in the grease pit, take a look at the long version of the Jim Caviezel adoption story.Eric Pavlat on teaching the Frankenstein novel.The Sobran Method of teaching Shakespeare - very cute piece: When Joe was learning to read, I made him read aloud a single sentence from The Tempest:“Monster, I do smell all horse-piss; at which my nose is in great indignation.”(You won’t find that one in books of great quotations. Never mind the context. Jo … [Read more...]

Sometimes, the twains just gotta meet!

There is a a lovely post up over at the Inside Catholic blog, wherein Zoe Romanowsky links to Fr. Hugh Vincent Dyer, OP (is it me or is the Dominican Order absolutely all over the internet and using it very well, indeed?), and his encounter with a Muslim woman that might surprise you.One day last week I stood in front of St. Stephen Martyr Church in D.C. with a young religious sister and the pastor of the parish. The scene would have made for a typical beginning to a joke, “A priest, a nun, a … [Read more...]

Rudy, Novak, etc, (cont.)

Continuing the Q&A started here, although these questions become less about Giuliani as they go on...Q: But Giuliani is an abortion supporter! There is no doubt about the state of his soul!A: There's always doubt about the state of someone's soul, but let's look at that for the moment. Rudy is a politician and he is "pro-choice", but he does not currently hold office and - since he has never been either a legislator or a judge - his political stance has not in any way involved him in … [Read more...]

Rudy, Novak & taking Communion

I wasn't going to write about this because - while I know it gets a lot of Catholic blood running - I can't get that excited about it.SOME CLARIFICATION FOR THOSE WILLFULLY MISREADING ME: That does not mean I do not CARE about the issue. It simply means that I think we've all managed at times to insult and offend the Lord in various ways, and sometimes Eucharistically, and so I prefer to leave the scolding to the ones who seem most comfortable with it. While I've often been called a … [Read more...]

Pews, Press, Prostitutes…whatever

The two big stories of the last 48 hours have been the Spitzer fiasco and the "new sins from the Vatican" nonsense. Priests and Prostitutes? No, mostly prostitutes and the press.Yesterday I got an email from a reader which read in part:Has liberal cretinism permeated their minds? I mean, at a time when Christianity is under attack from Islam and secularism, is this a way to unify Christians and save Western Civilization? Am I nuts; aren't all the saints in heaven shaking their heads over … [Read more...]

McCain/Clinton win Florida, look for brokered GOP convention

Impressions quickly because I'm busy doing paying work:1)Sad that Rudy conked out - and I should have listened to my gut and held off on the donation.2)McCain has McMentum but I ain't excited. Can't say Mitt excites me either, so I am still officially undecided and unexcited. For now, it's stretching and belly-scratching time. What's on the old movie channel?3)Unless Super Tuesday swings dramatically to Obama, Hillary is the Dem nominee; she's got the super-delegates, and I have no … [Read more...]

Rudy Giuliani – NOT Endorsed – except by me

I rather like this ad:Ed Morrissey is endorsing Mitt Romney but while I like him better than I did, I still don't like him much, and I don't get this this earpiece story.I still like Rudy. As I wrote earlier:I have no idea how he, or Romney, or Huckabee would turn around an economy, resolve a social problem or - God forbid - deal with a nation under attack and hurting.I know those things about Rudy, because, frankly - he’s done them! I lived and worked in NYC when it seemed lawless, e … [Read more...]