St. Monica, meet Nancy Pelosi

St. Monica by John Nava, cribbed from the Deac Today is the Feast Day of St. Monica, the mother of St. Augustine who prayed for years and years that he would accept Jesus Christ and enter the church - which he finally did, and in a big way, because Augustine did everything big. If it seems like you're hearing Augustine's name a lot, lately, it may be because Nancy Pelosi has been throwing it around as she uses his musings about the ensoulment of a fetus to reconcile her voting record on … [Read more...]

Pelosi to Bishops: drill your brains?

Wait, that can't be right. Nancy Pelosi cannot have respond to the rather heavy dose of correction she received from various and sundry Bishops and Cardinals, some of her colleagues in Congress and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops with an offer to drill their brains, right? Oh, wait! I see! She asked some of the "Drill here, drill now" people chanting in Colorado if she could drill their brains. Which seems like a strange remark - what does it mean, actually? Is she saying these … [Read more...]

St. Rose de Lima

I knew a Sr. Rose de Lima, once, who was a very kind soul. Today is her feast day, and the Dominicans of Summit, NJ have a beautiful portrait of her featured, along with some background and a shot of Rose's "hermitage," It looks pretty bare and simple. Not like my snug little Anchor, here! Still taking Buster to school. Comments will be held in moderation queue until Monday! … [Read more...]

Welcome to Retreat!

:NOTE::::Check this post (below photo) for links to latest retreat posts::::END: Welcome to our first Online Retreat! Each day of the retreat (from now until sundown, August 16) will be found on its own page, and this notice will remain at the top of the "blog proper" until the retreat ends. In the interest of promoting interior silence, comments will be turned off. RETREAT START, beginning at Sundown, August 10, may be found here. -- First meditation (Sunday Night) is here. MONDAY … [Read more...]

June 9, the Chinese Martyrs

A while back we took another look at U2's halftime show at the 2002 Super Bowl (I never realized it before, but Bono speaks a phrase from psalm 51 "Oh Lord, open my lips, and my mouth will proclaim your praise" before he starts he starts wailing). Only Deacon Greg Kandra can take that clip and use it to teach us - brilliantly and movingly - about St. Augustine Zhao Rong & Companions, The Chinese Martyrs: As the song began, behind the stage a massive banner started to rise, coming up from … [Read more...]

Sally Quinn: A tribute too far? – UPDATE

Of all the tribute written by journalists about their friend, Tim Russert, a few have been standouts; Jon Meacham's piece in Newsweek was onesuch. In her column, "On Faith" Sally Quinn writes another excellent, heartfelt tribute about the fullness of the man, Tim Russert, and how his faith, joyfully confessed throughout his being, completed that fullness. Russert was, by all accounts, a man who was not defined by his faith; rather he - by the way he lived his life - helped define the faith to … [Read more...]

A little perspective tonifier for Hillary

Hillary beats Obama by what, 3% , even with all the Limbaughians voting for her? That can't be good. I think Hillary's smartest move would be to "suspend" the campaign, which is not the same as ending it, allow herself some time to rest, save whatever money she can, and let her attack dogs render Obama as impotent and unelectable as possible...then "re-animate" her campaign before the convention, when the Dems are having Obama-remorse. It can't hurt her. Might help her become the party … [Read more...]

The Last Secret of Fatima

I just finished (and loved) The Last Secret of Fatima by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, which will be coming out in early May but may be pre-ordered. If you followed coverage of Pope Benedict's XVI's recent visit to America, you saw a lot of Cardinal Bertone, the Vatican's SecState; you'll recall he told informed the pope, in St. Patrick's Cathedral, of the moment of the anniversary of his election, at which the pope spoke so eloquently and extemporaneously. The Last Secret of Fatima is actually a … [Read more...]

Repost: Why Wasn't JPII Buried in Simple Shroud?

Since today is 3 years since the very affecting funeral of John Paul II, thought I'd repost: An email from a reader:I'm asking this because I think you will answer me respectfully. The service today was beautiful but wasn't it too much? Jesus was buried in a simple shroud, and he was God. What we saw today bordered on idolatry. I have no problems with Catholics, I do believe you are Christians, but I think you are misguided on this. Sigh. Really, I am NOT an apologist. I have no energy for it, … [Read more...]

Does forgiving help us to keep going?

Do you remember this terrible story, wherein a couple lost five of their children in a collision? Deacon Greg links to an inspiring conclusion to that terrible story. Now, more than two years after the accident, Mr. Helm has been acquitted on charges of vehicular homicide. Mr. Schrock says he has accepted that he may never know exactly what happened or why. He also says he has a friend he did not have before, Mr. Helm. “The primary bond there is the accident,” Mr. Schrock said. … [Read more...]