OSV 2010: The 8 Biggest Stories

It's a wee bit early, but Our Sunday Visitor has posted a look at the 8 biggest stories of 2010. See if you can read this excerpt from the intro and figure out who wrote it:"...let us look back at a teeter-totter of a year, where high-riding America suddenly found herself hitting the ground of reality with a thud. War is not over; the economic recovery is slow-to-stagnant and those who are not yet struggling themselves know someone, or love someone, who is.We learned a few things in 2010: … [Read more...]

Well played, Palin

In my continuing quest to remain a dispassionate observer of Sarah Palin (even if it means I am forever to be misidentified as a "hater" by her base) I'm happy to acknowledge the former Governor's extremely well-played strikeback at a reporter who clearly was so eager to attack her that he left himself wide open for her riposte. She quite deftly scored a "very palpable hit.""So Palin was right once again, and once again a reporter winds up with egg on face from starting out with an assumption … [Read more...]

On Palin; No Animus, No Condescension

In my piece yesterday at Pajamas Media I wrote:. . .thrust-and-parry between a candidate and the media can both sharpen a candidate’s edge and enliven his footwork to his benefit; one smooth slice, well-timed, can topple both press and opponent, and linger in a voter’s memory as a satisfying match they want to see replayed . . . This is something Sarah Palin (and for that matter, the Tea Partiers) may wish to keep in mind for 2012. Palin is perfectly capable of deft bladework, but too often cho … [Read more...]

O'Donnell "stupid" on 1st Amendment; um…wait

I think the most nefarious and reprehensible game the press plays--beyond spiking stories to protect the politicians they love--is the trick they have of creating blaring headlines for distorted or misreported stories, and then, in a day or two, or three (or, in the pope's case, four - always four) they either run a discreet "correction" no one sees, or an even more discreet "clarification" that runs under a nothing-headline and usually turns the original story (and newly-established … [Read more...]

Journolist: Listening So You Don't Have To!

Git along little dawgiesOver at RCP Jay Cost is asking what's so bad about journolisters?It's a good piece, and I urge you to read it, but here's what I think:Journolisters discourage listening among their readers and the general public, and if people are not listening, they are not thinking, either; they're just following the moo-path, which appears to suit the journolisters just fine, since it is the one they're forging.When Jeremiah Wright's America-damning, race-tainted rants were … [Read more...]

Sarah Palin is Alive! – UPDATED

Longtime readers know that, while there is much that I admire about Sarah Palin, I am still on the fence about any notion that she should run for president.My reservations stem in part from some of Palin's own moves, but it may be her base that really sours me on her; not even mild and constructive criticism, rendered with a dollop of sympathy can be endured by some members of Palin's over-protective base.I understand why they are overprotective; no politician in my memory has ever been … [Read more...]

"Where's the Left's Palin?"

Taylor Marsh, who is a very smart woman whose knee does not jerk, asks the question, and it's a revealing one. Despising her as they do, the question suggests that -beneath the disdain- they appreciate what she brings with her. At least Marsh does:Mrs. Palin's politics aren't for me, and though I pine to see hot headliners from the left, instead we get the likes of Claire McCaskill, Kathleen Sebelius and other Obama blue dog duds, with no women of any wattage in sight.As much as they … [Read more...]

Hawkins Interviews Rove

I had no plans to purchase Karl Rove's book, Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight. We're trying to cut back on spending around here, for one thing, and Lent is leaving me reluctant to engage, for another. And after passionately defending Bush for so many years, I am also just sort of exhausted on the whole subject of his presidency, and feel like I need a little break.But I may pick it up now, after reading Rove's interview with John Hawkins, which is pretty good. … [Read more...]

G. Washington, S. Brown & Idealism

This is both interesting and sad:Over at dotCommonweal, Robert Imbelli had a brief post on the buzz-producing "Yes" from Scott Brown on yesterday's jobs bill. While many analysts have spent the last little while dissecting the vote itself, Imbelli noticed a much quieter (yet much more depressing) note in the story:Three hours before the jobs-bill vote, the Senate chamber opened with its 117-year tradition of reading Washington's Farewell Address on his birthday. The current lawmakers … [Read more...]

Family Guy goaded Palin into a mistake

I didn't see the whole episode, but this scene in Family Guy has apparently gotten Sarah Palin upset:Both Gov. Palin and her daughter Bristol have responded.Sarah Palin writes:People are asking me to comment on yesterday’s Fox show that felt like another kick in the gut. Bristol was one who asked what I thought of the show that mocked her baby brother, Trig (and/or others with special needs), in an episode yesterday. Instead of answering, I asked her what she thought. Here is her c … [Read more...]