Yep, She's a Natural!

H/TAs Camille Paglia said - Palin is a natural.Which is one reason why -for some- she must be destroyed.A politician who has the ability to laugh at himself, and to convey a sense of being completely comfortable in his own skin, is a politician who brings with him the intangible, unmeasurable gift of touching people where they live, in their gut. And that makes people feel safe, and reassured. As we saw in the last election, marketing and PR can certainly persuade. But if people have a … [Read more...]

Palin Press: Putzes in Print

Love Sarah Palin or not, one has to admit the press is so undone by her that they are both aggressive and passive-aggressive in their hate, and they betray themselves continually in all sorts of ways. They betray their snobbism; they betray their spitefulness, and most emphatically, they betray the fact that our "fourth estate" is populated mostly by perpetual adolescents.Our press, with a few exceptions, is largely made up of people who, at age 14, decided they were sophisticates who knew … [Read more...]

Palin on Limbaugh

I did not get to hear it, but the transcript is here.My take on Palin's appearance yesterday on the Oprah Winfrey show has generated a pretty rousing and entertaining debate in the comments thread, and I have updated it with this link to Melissa Clouthier, but I wanted to also quote Melissa here, because her post is very interesting and serious:[...] here’s Sarah Palin going into hostile Obama-loving territory on Oprah. She was on edge, and fought defensiveness, much like her interview with K … [Read more...]

Sarah Palin on Oprah – UPDATES

Okay, I broke down and watched Oprah Winfrey interview Sarah Palin.Color me underwhelmed. By both women.It was like watching two lightly muzzled Doberman Pinschers, behaving because they have to, but with an undergrowl that translates, roughly, into "if we're ever alone together in the yard, you're going down..."Oprah needed Palin for the ratings; Palin needed Oprah to push the book, Going Rogue; An American Life. Both endured hour of excruciating discomfort for the sake of their … [Read more...]

Oh, nuts! Obama Speech Reax

I have not one, not two but three things I have to start writing for various deadlines, so I'm going to offer you a quick look-around from my email and a few sites and then tip the hat and ride off into the sunset for most of the day, pardners.Obama was going to bring "his own plan" on healthcare to the Congress yesterday, wasn't that the pre-speech meme?"This is the momentism!": Again with the Broadwayesque-Bombast. Every Obama speech is "the moment." Say, isn't that the big song from … [Read more...]

Klavan, "Health" Panels & Goldsteins – UPDATED

I'm still in a retreat after-glow that has me only half attending to the world around me, and I am still pushing politics away in the manner of a King's daughter being offered boiled tripe: "- ewww, away with that!"But this piece by Andrew Klavan floated across my email and by the second paragraph I wished I'd written it. It needs a deft touch, though, and can't you just see the movie version?...the logic of this moment was inevitable. Once government got its fingers on the health-care … [Read more...]

Palin, Obama & Not quite pulled together yet

I know it must seem like I'm being lazy and not attending to my work over here; it's not that. I just can't seem to settle in and focus on much.The news feels like it's all coming in too fast to process, the congress is passing mammoth bills it can't be bothered to read. As the deficit tops ONE TRILLION DOLLARS for the first time, ever, the president is standing at ship's helm, a deep gouge in his hull, and blocking our views while saying "everything is mostly great; things are working … [Read more...]

Palin's Pipeline Gets Last Laugh?

With the countless words being written about David Letterman's foolish, boorish and uncalled for "jokes" about Sarah ("slutty flight attendant") Palin and her daughter Bristol (who "did get knocked up" after all, and so deserves jokes implying she is promiscuous and a prostitute by the hypocritical puritans on the left), very little is being written about Sarah Palin's pipeline.Jim Geraghty tweeted it first and writes:Back in March, I took a look at a Portfolio article on Alaska governor … [Read more...]

Letterman's Lame Non-Apology -UPDATED

Hey, David Letterman wasn't making sexual jokes about the 14-year old! He was just branding the 18-year old who, after all, "did get knocked up" and should therefore be forever caricatured as a slut by a 62 year-old progressive looking for adolescent laughs! And their mother looks slutty, too! Haw-haw! They're all sluts, haw-haw!So much for the progressive notions of "respect-for-women's-choices" and the "tolerant" mantra that "teenagers-will-have-sex-so-what's-the-big-deal." I wonder how … [Read more...]

Lileks on Letterman on Palin – UPDATED

If you have missed it, the old rule that you don't go after a politicians kids (which has been strongly, and correctly, in place under all Democrat presidents, and was even sometimes practiced about the Bush-twins) does not apply to Sarah Palin, and has never applied to Sarah Palin. You may get nagged at for observing that Michelle Obama looks like she is angry, but it's "funny pop-culture-coolness" to suggest that Sarah Palin (who is a stoopit hick, afterall) looks "like a slutty flight … [Read more...]