Huge Friday Linkaround

I so much wanted to do a podcast of morning prayer, but time got away from me. Will try to get a podcast up for Vespers, this afternoon. Meanwhile, this may keep you reading into tomorrow.For your linkaround, first let me talk about me, me, me; Yesterday's Daily article on the murder of George Tiller, and the musings of some Christians as to whether Bonehoeffer made a case for such a terrible killing, garnered many comments, a few of which suggested the commenter had not read the thing, a … [Read more...]

Virginity, Chastity, Nunstuff

Got an email from someone today wondering why I did not write about Candlemas.Feb 2 is actually one of my very favorite feast days, the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, (if I'd ever become a nun I'd have been Sr. Mary Whatever of the Presentation of the Christ) and I would write something about it, but Kansas Catholic has such beautiful pictures, and this priest has the info, so I'll just send you over there.Meanwhile, some young women are advancing in their spiritual journeys within … [Read more...]

Longest. Linkaround. Evah.

Settle in for a long 'un, kiddies.Start here (h/t Ann Althouse):Hey, according to the press, wars are challenging, serious and difficult to win. Funny how perceptions change when parties change in the White House, innit? Iraq suddenly looks different, too! Or...actually...maybe the same!President Bush has declared Washington DC a state of emergency to help secure and pay for Obama's inaugural. Most expensive inaugural ever. In a time of (if the left is to be believed) "unprecedented … [Read more...]

Workouts: Bush creepy; Obama a godling

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed.” -- Mark TwainIf the press loves you, you can do no wrong. If they hate you, you can do no right. In either case, what they are presenting is distorted and therefore unfair to their subjects or their readers.I touched yesterday on the media double-standard regarding presidential work-outs, but Michelle Malkin does a better job of fleshing it out:Ah, the perks of media affection. On … [Read more...]

"Movement" voters and other things

Just thought you might be interested in this - a buncha Catholics sittin' around gassing away about what lies ahead for Catholics as "movement" voters!Some interesting perspectives from center-right Catholic writers you may recognise, and in the middle I get to wag my finger and jump on a soapbox, declaring, first off that I dislike the notion of "movements" as a whole and besides, oversensitive Catholics (and hyper-hurt-feeling Christianity as-a-whole) are ticking me off with all the … [Read more...]

Staggering bigotry of Kathleen Parker – UPDATED

After reading this execrable bit of bigotry and preening martyrdom by Kathleen Parker - who apparently has discovered that the magic formula for "instant media love" is "going maverick on your own tribe," - I am considering adding her to my list of Media Whores and Sad She-Clowns who - in excessive spurts of spirit brought on by sudden media praise - cross lines and go way too far.Parker, who had her right-wing, "Christianist" Conservative moments until she found her Smart-Kid-Inclusion sword … [Read more...]

Paglia pretty much says it all…UPDATED

I've written almost nothing about politics since the election because there was so much noise out there in the days following it that I thought it best to step back, reflect, process and pray. One thing I've come to realize is that the instant busyness of the right - the call to "win in 2010, win in 2012" - before election day was even over, was off-putting to me. I think if you're too busy scurrying and too busy moving from fury-to-fury, you're going to make many missteps. Be a little angry, … [Read more...]

Obama's Middle Finger – UPDATED

As I have said before, The middle finger is the first refuge of the 14 year old. Or the maturity-challenged perpetual adolescents.When he was caught flipping off Hillary Clinton, Obama's camp said the idea that he was using his middle finger to do anything but scratch an itch was "absurd and untrue."Okay. Once might be absurd and untrue. Twice - under similar circumstances - begins to seem like an immature and passive-aggressive habit.What a statesman! What a leader! What a uniter! … [Read more...]

Noonan for Obama's Press Sec'y?

After the veep debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, Peggy Noonan looked like the sad lady at the end of the bar when she peered up at Brian Williams and said "she killed."One might have thought that Noonan, a avowed conservative and loyal keeper of the Reagan flame, would have been pleased with Palin having "killed" in the debate, but no - that was not the impression Noonan gave.A pal of mine who writes for a "prestigious" magazine - if any of them that, anymore - confessed to me that … [Read more...]

Tito: "This country has given me so much…"

Tito the Builder is cool.He's a nice change from the O-supporting digital brownshirts, too.H/TAn attitude of gratitude instead of entitlement. A patriot's love of country. An individual's understanding of personal exceptionalism. A guy who truly embodies the transformative power of genuine hope; the sparkle from the wheel.Some background on Tito Munez, the guy who came to America and said, "all I need is a chance."You go, Tito!Related: Class Tells; Class Wars Do NotI have a … [Read more...]