So, Anchoress, what do you think of Palin, now?

I've had several - more than several, actually - emails from both left and right asking me what I think of Gov. Sarah Palin in her performances over the past weeks and what I think will happen at the debate.From the left the missives have been jeering. They remind me a little of Edward G. Robinson saying, "ya, yah, how do you like yer Moses, now?"From the right, I get hand-wringing..."what do you think, will she pull it off???"I have no idea how Palin will do at the debate because none of … [Read more...]

GOP: Hail Mary Pass or Go Home

I took a quick turn through the 'sphere and at my email and saw a lot of frustration from Republicans, who are getting fed up with the double standards that are standard for the media and the left.Yes, it's there; yes, it's every day. Yes, Gwen Ifill is a dreadful choice, a Obama-enthralled partisan moderating a debate, and she should be replaced. Go ahead, make the phone calls, make a stink - try to get her replaced. Whoever they replace her with will be just as "in the tank" so it seems … [Read more...]

Debates, Kidney Stones & More

This is a great U2 song - from a great U2 moment in their energy sucking Zoo-TV tour. The Fly, contains the line, "it's no secret that a liar won't believe anyone else." I always think of that in an election season. And Barack Obama, if he wants to show a little good faith, should apologize for calling these Right-to-Lifers "liars".I'm so sick of politics, aren't you? are some interesting links.Happily, Bill Whittle is great here with his funny and smart recounting of … [Read more...]

McCain right. Me wrong.

Okay, I really need to hold to a hard-and-fast rule that I sometimes forget, which is to not write while I'm emoting; to get away from the desk and go think for a while before writing. I wrote a lot yesterday; much too much. Lesson learned.On the bailout itself? I'm undecided and a little concerned.Yesterday I wrote that McCain's suspending the campaign was a dumb move, that it might be noble, but it was politically stupid.The danger of focusing too much on politics, of course, is that … [Read more...]

Postpone the debate? Dumb. – RECONSIDERED

Many on the right of the blogosphere seem impressed with Sen. McCain for him suspending his campaign, pulling ads and trying to postpone this Friday's debate on Foreign policy.McCain is making a lot of missteps, lately - keeping Palin from the press is one of them; yes, they treat her savagely and like a pack of jackals, but that's not going to change if the team wins, so just throw her out there and let her sink or swim.I think this "campaign suspension" is another mistake. Even though it … [Read more...]

Palin, Rape Kits, High-School, & More

Remember the stories about how under Governor Palin rape victims were charged for the rape kits used to gather evidence? Yeah, that was all wrong, as usual. Bob Owens gets it right: We have fresh information regarding poorly-researched claims made in the media (including CNN, US News & World Report, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, the Associated Press, and literally dozens of other "professional media") that Sarah Palin presided over a Wasilla, AK city government that charged rape victims for … [Read more...]

Hung up on an Internet Poll

I'm way behind schedule and trying to plow through email; I'm amused to see about 7 people sending me a link to this PBS poll and urging me to participate. It's an internet poll. It's meaningless. But people are seemingly invested in it.And funnily enough Pianogirl forwarded me an email from a liberal friend of hers urging her liberal friends to take part in though this actually matters. I'm just surprised.Clearly, people are really, really invested in having their opinions … [Read more...]

Woman scolds press re Palin – UPDATED

Heh. I really hope someone got this on video:McCain in Scranton PA: The third question he took was from a well-spoken woman who first thanked McCain for picking Gov. Palin. Then she turned to the rear of the room (where the press are located) and called out shame upon you for your attack of Palin. She followed up this comment by asking where are the 30 investigators into [Obama crony William] Ayers.The chewing out actually got some coverage: 11:03 a.m. When asked about health care, Sen. … [Read more...]

Election '08 re-defines everything

My latest piece for Pajamas Media is up. It's entitled, Obama, Palin and the Meaning of "Change", and I hope you'll go read it; I had a lot of fun exploring how this election is chewing up and reconfiguring what certain words mean.For instance, the words “provincial“ and “small-town“ have been disdainfully sniffed into the air by many writers, most recently by the film critic Roger Ebert, who wrote, “How can you be her age and never have gone to Europe? … Sarah Palin’s travel record is that of … [Read more...]

Astroturfing Palin & Race-baiting, etc UPDATED

:::UPDATE:::SCROLL DOWN FOR ORIGINAL POST::: Looks like the press is mildly interested Amazing! :::END UPDATE:::As Tom Hanks said in A League of Their Own, "it's gettin' interestin' out there..."Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report has traced a lying smear campaign, using a supposedly "grassroots video gone viral - and meant to destroy Gov. Sarah Palin - and he's found that all roads lead appear to lead - note, they appear to lead - to the Axelrod side of the Obama campaign. It's an … [Read more...]