The Christophers at Patheos!


A new year is a good time to forge a new partnership and I am (as Hubert H. Humphrey used to say) "as pleased as Punch" to announce the arrival of a new blog, Christopher Closeup, here on the portal!Anchored by the tireless Tony Rossi (who has contributed many excellent pieces to Patheos in the past year), Christopher Closeup will feature the exclusive online debut of new and upcoming podcasts, hosted by Tony, wherein he chats with entertainers, writers, sports figures and the interesting … [Read more...]

G. Washington, S. Brown & Idealism

This is both interesting and sad:Over at dotCommonweal, Robert Imbelli had a brief post on the buzz-producing "Yes" from Scott Brown on yesterday's jobs bill. While many analysts have spent the last little while dissecting the vote itself, Imbelli noticed a much quieter (yet much more depressing) note in the story:Three hours before the jobs-bill vote, the Senate chamber opened with its 117-year tradition of reading Washington's Farewell Address on his birthday. The current lawmakers … [Read more...]

Morning muse on Brown's win -UPDATED

Morning is being taken up with bringing the dog to the vet, so I haven't had a chance to do more than watch the video below, but it occurred to me that if President Obama has any sense of humor at all he'll come out today and echo Bush in '06, acknowledging Brown's stunning upset in Massachusetts by saying "it was a thumpin'."It takes a big man to make a joke at his own expense, though, an even bigger man to say "the people have spoken" and adjust to it. How big is Obama? We still don't … [Read more...]

Voter fraud in Massachusetts? UPDATED!

But of Course!. For goodness sake, when MSNBC (a real news outfit, per the WH) is declaring they'd vote "twenty times" for the Dem candidate (any Dem candidate), there is zero chance that the press would do anything but yawn and smile, if the special election in Massachusetts could be stolen.There are over half a million dead people and other non-residents clogging the voter roles.I know many are feeling confident, but I say don't count your chickens. Unless Brown manages to pull off a win … [Read more...]