Another Roundup of Reactions on Benedict’s Move – UPDATE


First -- best comment of the day, from I know not where. Stole it from Mark Shea on Facebook:"Pope joins Twitter. Loses interest in job."I think part of the reason some people have had trouble processing what Benedict is doing -- aside from the fact that we've never seen this in our lifetimes -- is that we have become so habitually ironic that we don't know how else to be. But even irony has grown stale. Only authenticity can still surprise us, and being shaken from our torpor today … [Read more...]

PP on Komen Debacle: “A learning opportunity”


Charlotte Hays writes at the Register that the Komen decision was about a Planned Parenthood shakedown:“What happened this week was nothing short of a mafia shakedown by Planned Parenthood of the Komen Foundation,” said Austin Ruse, president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, a New York and Washington, D.C.-based research association that works exclusively on international social policy. “Planned Parenthood’s message was: ‘Give us money or we will shut down your organizat … [Read more...]

Great Reads, Hot Links! – UPDATED

Like Flannery O' Connor and loathe Jack Chick? Or vice-versa? You'll be surprised (or perhaps you won't) to find that Max Lindenman sees them as cousins under the ink!:Jack Chick, founder of Chick Publications, is a shadowy figure, practically the Keyser Söze of evangelists.It is not known whether he raises peacocks or suffers from lupus. Personally, I hope he doesn't, but not because I'm afraid that chronic illness or an absorbing hobby will stop him turning out more masterpieces like "This … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Linkaround!

For your pre-Thanksgiving/Thanksgiving reading, a little scattershot for time-constraints:Gwen John; Art & Faith in the ShadowsJonah Goldberg: a poignant, lovely post on his father's appreciation for the papacy, and thoughts on Benedict XVI. It's oddly in tune with the Thanksgiving theme, and even as he clearly aches for his missing father, Goldberg manages to display a surer grasp of why the church does what it does than many, either inside or outside of it:As for the Church’s p … [Read more...]

Define "Irrational" & Other links

I don't know where I found this, perhaps from Hot Air, but it does make a pretty sound case that President Obama has it quite wrong, and that Americans are not the "irrational" ones:So, yes, let's take a look at the facts and the science. Your stimulus bill was passed last year by the Democrat majority in Congress along strictly partisan lines. You told us that the $787 billion dollar act had to pass or else unemployment might exceed 8%. The bill passed, most of the money was spent and … [Read more...]

Roundup for Noontime Reading

Busyness has made me remiss in letting you folks know about Patheos' Religion and Faith Book Club, which is currently discussing Stephen Prothero's God is Not One, with a nifty tie-in to the PBS-series, which is also looking at the book.Sadly, neither the book nor the series has crossed my path, simply because of a lack of time, but you'll want to check out the sites and reviews, I think.Speaking of reading, Halloween is coming up. Check out John C. Wright's guffaw-inducing thoughts on the … [Read more...]

Friday Links; Weird & Wonderful!

Had a conversation last week with an acquaintance who ascribes any-and-all resistance to the Park51 Mosque/Cultural Center as "bigotry and xenophobia."I said, "that's way too easy, cheap and stale; it's more complicated than that, and reducing every controversy to "bigotry" is not serving the nation well."I suppose I could just save my breath from now on, and refer the question to this piece by Charles KrauthammerSpengler on The Fall of RomeVDH: Decline is a choiceSo is allowing the … [Read more...]

Secular and Sacred Linkaround

Okay, too many tabs open, again, time for another linkfest!Linkfest, not Clinkfest!We'll do sacred, then secular, then sacred again, and then we'll just talk really goofy, and it won't have anything to do with beer!And btw, my Tuesday Column is Up; talking today about how Obama, Pelosi et al have no credibility to speak on Park51/Cordoba House because they don't know how to speak to their countrymen, at all.It's that time of the year again, when the kiddies get sent to CCD or the parents … [Read more...]

The Swampedland Roundup

It's only Tuesday and I'm so swamped that I haven't even checked out Instapundit (and this little intro of his is why I must check him everyday!), yet, but I have some 50 tabs open; always a sign that it's time for a headline roundup. Fasten your seatbelts, kids!Start with the LA Times' complaint that the Obama administration stifles media. To which we politely respond, oh yes? You have noticed?China is not liking our debtWTC-Mosque/Obama Stuff: Lots of people writing well, so I needn't … [Read more...]

Distracted Friday Link-Around

It's a Friday in August.What is it about August that makes working seem so much like . . . work . . . especially on Fridays?There are bunnies chasing each other in my backyard, and the tomatoes need a bit of attention, so here is a Distracted Friday Link-Around for your reading pleasures; everything is being done wrong!Obama's Transparency: gets thrown under the bus with room-darkening curtains installed. Hey, Mr. President: You're doing it wrong!Eliminating wasteful spending: You're … [Read more...]